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Our Life is normally classified as “good” or “bad” days, depending on how the going is. Good days would mean smooth sailing, getting a raise, meeting a friend, buying new stuff etc etc and bad obviously would mean, a bumpy road. But for me there is a different category as well, something which I realized in life, long ago. It is the “Special Days”. Special Days are the days when I get a chance to help someone, no matter how small it is, but enough to bring a smile on their faces, and mine off course… a few incidents might help in understanding it in a better way…


I was on my way to the office, and there is this guy standing on side of the road, in disheveled clothing, a forty something, graceful but with a worried look on his face, hope in his eyes, asking for a ride. Well off course, I had to stop, we start the 45 minute journey again (to my office), we don’t talk much except for where he wants to go. Turns out his drop off location is on my way to work, 13 minutes later I drop him off. The man shakes my hand, smiles his best smile, and thanking me gets off. Man what a way to start your, day, I say to myself.

Day two, same routine, a breakfast of two half fried eggs, three slices of white bread, some butter, and tea with organic honey, shower and shampoo, get dressed and off to the office. The roads are still wet from the downpour of the previous night. Past the COD, from the roundabout, just before the underpass, I spot a Red Suzuki Mehran, a lone man pushing it and trying to steer it at the same time. A 5 degree gradient after 500 M, I am sure he will fail. He is tall, in his 30’s a thick beard and sweating all over. I park my car in front of his, he thinks I am crazy to break his momentum, I get out of the car and take the “tow cable” out of the boot. He gets the message, beams me a big beautiful smile. His car won’t start, he has fuel in it, so we tow his ship to mine. I push the pedal and we’re doing 10 KM/hr at the 5 degree gradient. I see him in the rear view mirror trying to crank the engine, it doesn’t work. I push the pedal and we’re now doing 20 KM/hr, past the underpass, through the Jinnah park and katcheri road, stop at the red light. Green signal, I floor it a little, he’s still cranking, then suddenly I see his ship jerk a little, there’s a tug on the tow cable, the car starts, he revs up the engine real hard, its screaming its lungs out, there’s smoke all right from his exhaust, we reach the Total pump, he honks his horn, I get the message. Disembark, I take the tow cable out of the tow loops, disengaging his ship from mine. He’s standing with one foot on the accelerator and the other out of the car, sating he can’t take it off for fear of the engine dying. I go to him we shake hands, he shakes mine vigorously, he says prayers for me, wishes for the day, for my health and all, I can see some mist in his eyes, the auras have connected, we belong to the same specie; of Home Sapiens. I get in my ship, Tally Ho, off to work, coz I have to use my fingers on the newly installed bio-metric system. What a way to start your day, I say to myself  🙂

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