Eid Mubarak Everyone ðŸ˜€

Hello and Asalam Alekum to all my readers. Happy Eid Mubarak, have a good one. May Allah’s blessings be on all of you. Give that dieting a rest! Khush rahein hamesha. Ameen

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50 plus….loner……foodie….day dreamer….bibliophile…..gun freak….peace loving….smitten by wanderlust….happy go lucky….tea junkie….coffee lover….once in a while movie goer….laid-back blogger with no interest in politics….Happy reading! :-)

4 thoughts on “Eid Mubarak Everyone ðŸ˜€”

  1. Hello,

    Read your short article about travelling to Tehran so went on to google how to get to ANY city of Iran from ANY city of Pakistan through ANY m9de of travel (by road, by air or by sea) & guess what…? There is is not a single flight of PIA or other local private airlines (airblue, serene), not any bus, ferry or train service to take you to Iran from ANY part of Pakistan. Is it an intentional effort to isolate Pakistan from the rest of the world? There is hardly any place in the world where tourists holding green passports are welcomed. But I have learned from various Pakistanis around the world who have happened to travel to Iran that not only were they impressed but they were also warmly welcomed in Iran as Pakistanis. Then why is it that Pakistani government has very silently seem to be cutting off all ties with Iran? Not having any form of travel facility between the countries despite being neighbours & having enjoyed excellent relations comes as a shock.

    I wanted to send you a note asking you to share any information you could for residents of Pakistan about how to travel to Iran but there was no option to send you a note. Hence I am noting down my opinion & inquiry here. If you can provide any information over the same, would highly appreciate.


    1. Hello and thanks for stopping by,
      The are flights from Pakistan to Iran, but mostly it is for Ziarat which our Ahle-Tshaheeh brethren go for, in Iran. I am not sure about PIA, but there are other Air Lines. I used Oman Air. Although going from Pakistan to Iran via Oman seems idiotic but still its an option. There is also a Bus service and a train between the two countries. These I guess would be inexpensive. And I must say Pakistanis are greatly welcomed in Iran, it is my personal experience.
      You may checkout these links;
      And sorry for the late reply. I wasn’t well.


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