CZ 550 Varmint, Rifle Review

The CZ 550 Varmint is a big bore world class hunting rifle with superb accuracy. CZ is known to make quality weapons and this one is a class apart. The rifle being reviewed is chambered in .308 Winchester. It has a walnut wooden stock, no iron sights, a bull barrel, single stage trigger and checkering in the front end as well as the pistol grip. I have seen a light hunting rifle called the Lux, also chambered in .308 Win, but this one is really a showstopper.

Technical Specs:

Caliber:               .308 Win

Rifle Length:       46.7″

Barrel Length:     25.6″

Weight:               9.7 lbs

Rate of Twist:     1:12

Width:                2.7″

Finish:                Blued

Trigger:             Single set, adjustable

Safety:               Two position safety with firing pin block as well as bolt lock

Barrel:                Heavy, Cold forged, bull barrel

Length of Pull:   13.7″

Height:               7.6″

Detachable magazine, with 5 and 10 rounds capacity

This rifle comes with two 5 round mags and a 10 rounder. That’s good capacity for big game hunting


The walnut stock with checkering has an impressive look.


The pistil grip has chcekering as well.



The monstrous Bull barrel is really impressive.



Observe the trigger safety, can be easily engaged with one’s thumb.


The single set trigger is adjustable for shooter’s liking.

The rifle is really good piece of craftsmanship. It is slightly on the heavier side, the finish is really fine, excellent quality wood and metal work. If a Lux chambered in 308 is suitable for 300 meters, this one will be good till 500 meters or more. This very piece has participated in long distance competitions and won prizes, its very very accurate. Getting sub MOA performance till 600 or 800 meters is no joke, and it has preformed well. At 2:12 twist it can handle 175 gr and produce good results. I have seen excellent performance with Lake City M118 ammo. But off course you need a very good scope and lots of training and understanding of ballistics. In Pakistan you will be lucky to get it in the Rs 450k range, that’s because its a quality rifle, the 308 Win ammo is available easily and off course the darned arms and ammo ban by the Government.

To conclude, I like its simple design, beautiful looks and best of all excellent performance. This one is a keeper for sure 🙂


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4 thoughts on “CZ 550 Varmint, Rifle Review”

  1. Do you happen to have hands on knowledge (or idea) about Savage Arms’ .308. Their .22 LR, a few years back was a blast in Lahore. With double stage trigger and a bull barrel it price started about 60K (my purchase) and shoot to around 90K. Savage arms accuracy wise are on a climb in international rifle clubs and generally in hunting models, but I never saw their mass-produced 308 anywhere in Lahore.


  2. By any chance do you happen to have a Winchester Model 70 pre 64? Or a Remington Model 700?
    Kindly guide where to find these rifles. I am in search of 7 mm hunting rifle.
    Many Thanks


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