To carry or not to carry, that’s the question

Just last week an acquaintance, a man I knew since more than a year, got shot, and died due to bleeding. He got shot in the arm by one of his business partners. In order to protect his privacy I will not share much details about him except that he was over 6 feet tall, in super fit physical condition and above all a gentleman. He went to his business  partner’s house that fateful evening, the discussion turned in to a heated debate over some issue and the man got shot in his arm. Help arrived late, and the man died on his way to the hospital due to bleeding.

Whatever happened is really sad and deplorable. Sad because a man lost his life, a family lost their breadwinner, a wife got widowed, his kids got orphaned. But I have wondered many times, if this man had been armed would the consequences have been different? Maybe he could have defended himself, and saved his life. Well the other man might have got killed as well. But I know for sure, the consequences might not have been the same. And this brings me to the discussion that it makes sense always to be armed and ready for any eventuality. With the law and order situation going South everyday, one has to be ready for anything and everything.

Somehow, we do not believe that we might get in to a tight situation, where one could save his/her life if he/she was armed. I know of a lady who is a doctor and is always carrying a small handgun, in ready to fire state. And yet I see people sporting expensive smartphones and watches, yet totally oblivious to the conditions around them. Talk to anyone from Karachi and you will find he/she will have been mugged at least once. Although there are those who have been mugged many times and I know some of them, having lived in the city. See the crime stats and you will be surprised.

This post is a random ramble and I wrote it because it can happen to anyone. There are enough whackos out there with whom one may or cannot reason. And to put it plainly, there is little justice prevalent in an already non-tolerant society. When a man is dead, he’s not coming back and his family will face the world without him all alone. So it makes sense to invest on your and your loved ones safety and security. I cannot put it more bluntly than this. We have the right to protect ourselves and our loved ones and we need to take all possible measures to do that. It makes sense to carry at all times. Stay safe ladies and gents. Cheers!

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2 thoughts on “To carry or not to carry, that’s the question”

  1. Innalillahi wa innalillahi rajioun.

    I think if you are legally able to carry a gun in Pakistan you should never be without it, as not only may you need it for your defence, but also for someone else’s in a country like this. As you’ve mentioned, you simply never know when you’ll need.

    Additionally, I think some basic first aid skills, (such as tying a tourniquet), should be taught at school, because you never know when you’ll need them either.

    All in all, which ever way you look at it, a sad and needless loss, and preventable too.

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