Motorcycle Girl! Inspirational stuff!

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“Motorcycle Girl” is a new Pakistan film based on Zenith Irfan’s solo journey from Lahore to Khunjerab on a motorbike. It was her father’s dream to travel the world on a motorbike that could not be realized due to his death. Zenith then took it upon herself to travel the journey in memory of her father. She is in fact the first Pakistani “brave” girl to travel this long and arduous journey on a motorbike, solo, that is. To me this is more than a movie. It is inspirational stuff delivered in a most witty way. I will not discuss the caste or story-line etc. This ramble is about the message that the movie aims to deliver.

The movie is about expressing oneself, it is about dreams and dreaming, it is about love, about life, hope, struggles, failures, breaking taboos, overcoming the odds, facing difficulties, smiling in adversity, standing tall, falling down but then getting up, laughing when hurt and crying when happy, it is about breaking the stereotypes, walking the walk, about having opinions and expressing them, about finding happiness in the little things in life, it is in fact a beautiful message of hope for everyone. If you can dream it, live it! Rarely have I seen such inspirational stuff on the silver screen, Pakistani, that is. The timing couldn’t have been better, when the country is divided in political chaos, power outages, sectarian issues, survival problems to name a few. It gives viewers hope and hope is what keeps us alive. Kudos to the team who conceived the idea and made this movie. Go for it folks you won’t be disappointed 🙂


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