Heart over Mind ;-)

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Don’t even know why I am making this post, and please don’t even ask me why, not by email, not through any other means, because IDK 🙂 perhaps this is what they call “Amad” in Urdu. So today I want to ramble about the two different kinds of people that I have come across in life. There are the ones that use their minds, and then there are those who make decisions based on what their hearts only. There might be other categories of them sapiens about whom I know not for I am no expert in the psychology of these social animals.


But the ones who use their minds are smart, intelligent, cunning, ambitious, selfish (at times), level headed, well informed, bright etc etc. And they are the ones who want to and often win the race, they strive, and they prosper, they lead. But then they are the ones who rarely make sacrifices, rarely are selfless, not very loving, business like and often stone heart-ed in extreme cases. Watch out for them, always, for you will find them at the top, more often than not.


“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.”

  – Paulo Coelho, Manuscript Found in Accra


Then there is this other category that I am very fond of, the ones that makes decisions purely relying on their hearts, these are the real ones, the lovers, self less, sacrificing, rarely on the top, always forthcoming, helping, intelligent at times but stupid to the point of giving loss or causing harm to themselves. They are the ones that are alive in fact. They are the ones that can’t hurt others, they are the ones that make the change in others lives. This category is very rare, you will rarely find them at the top, they will be in the middle mostly. You will find them like this irrespective of religious thoughts or beliefs. You will find them loved and loving. These are the ones to seek out for. They are the ones that give meaning to life.

~ Loves,

    Yours Truly


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