POF4 Pistol 9 mm ~ Review


The POF4 is an impressive mean looking semi-auto (irreversible) pistol, chambered in 9×19 mm Para caliber produced by Pakistan Ordnance Factories Ltd (POF). It is based on the Heckler and Koch design and employs delayed blowback, roller locked system. Similar products in POF inventory are the POF5 which is just like the select fire 9×19 MP5 being produced by them for the military, minus the stock. The POF5 as well as POF4 have been classified as pistols because they have a reduced magazine capacity of 15 rounds as against 30, have semi-auto only firing capability (irreversible) and lack a butt stock; thus reducing the weapon’s length also. The similar variants being produced by the POF for military are the SMG PK/PK1 and the SMG MP5A2/MP5P3.


Technical Specs:

  • Caliber: 9 x 19 mm
  • Semi-auto (Irreversible)
  • Muzzle Velocity: 375 m/sec
  • Length: 340 mm or 13.3 inches
  • Barrel length: 115 mm or 4.5 inches
  • Front sight: Fixed
  • Rear sight: Rotary type
  • Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
  • Weight: 2 Kg

What’s in the Box? Well actually there isn’t no box to talk of initially! In fact it was a kind of shock when I was handed over the pistol with a spare magazine and cleaning kit in transparent plastic bags, dripping with oil!!! So you actually get a few things as sown in the photo below, the POF4 itself, a spare mag, a sling and a cleaning kit. The cleaning kit comprises of essentials like the pull through (that more or less looks like a rosary 🙂 ), an oil bottle, two bore brushes, and a cleaning brush. I think POF could have done a better job by giving away the pistol in a plastic box at least. In some ways it reminded me of carrying groceries from the mall, talk about carrying good quality pistol in plastic bags, duh.

The venerated cleaning kit with its innards laid thread bare.

The sling itself!


The looks and all. To begin with the pistol itself costs Rs 115,000 and for this price its not a bad purchase. But I have serious reservations about the finish on the pistol itself. If you see the original photo taken at the time of purchase (below) you’ll observe a phosphate coating that itself isn’t one bit impressive. The photo at the title of the blog and all other photos are after the gun was given two coats of duracoat (steel grey, by dear friend and handyman “Rotor”). That helped in making it rust proof and sprucing up the looks quite a bit. Need I talk more about duracoating? Other than that the plastics don’t have a most impressive finish on the outside, it is just acceptable. However, the metallic parts are sturdy and pure gun stuff.

The original factory condition of the POF4 with simple phosphating.

OK now time for some eye candy and a small description of the POF4 pistol 🙂


The magician aka “Rotor” did a fine job in dressing her up. See the hand grip, it gives a better hold to the 13 inhces long frame.

Here’s a view of the rear rotary sight, reminiscent of all H&K products.


As is with all H&K products like the G3 and MP5, the pistol comes with two mag release contraptions. Both perform the same function.

Here’s a view of the Safety and Fire switch. Since the POF4 was duracoated so we lost the white and red color on Safe and Fire positions, respectively. See the plastic end cap which can be removed by simply disengaging a pin. On previous models a retractable stock was supplied which has been discontinued on the newer models. When asked I was told it costs an extra Rs 35,000! Phew! Still I am on the lookout for an option as it would greatly improve the grip on this baby.

Dismantling the weapon is a breeze, you need to take out all three pins and the thing comes threadbare in your hands. A pin on the end cap, one near the mag and one on the front hand grip.



The gun disassembles in to a pistol grip section and the barrel assembly section which houses the bolt and carrier group.

Here you can see the POF4 disassembled in some form.

The barrel assembly which houses the guide rod, spring, bolt and carrier etc. And off course a view of the barrel.

The Final Words. POF is known to make quality weapons, the product reviewed is based on the Heckler and  Koch design being produced at POF under license. It is a reliable pistol, I have seen variants of this weapon the SMG-PK/PK1 being used by security personnel at airports all over the country. Its portability and reliability coupled with select fire option makes it a very good choice for guard duties and close quarter battle. POF4 is based on the same design and is limited in magazine capacity by 15 rounds plus has a irreversible semi-auto only option for civilian use. Oh by the way, a little excursion in to its innards will tell you that the weapon can be converted in to select fire (full auto) but that off course requires some level of expertise and some after market parts 🙂 The gun itself is sturdy in looks and is adequately priced. POF would do itself and public a favor by improving the oxidation or bluing on this thing, and please if you’re there and listening please add a plastic carrying case, it is after all a weapon and not bread you’re selling which can be transported in transparent plastic bags! Lastly, the collection process from Wah Industries Limited which happens to be POF’s commercial face is one tad time consuming and annoying. I had to wait a full two hours to get the weapon in my hands as it had to come from the factory!!! They weren’t keeping any weapons or ammo in the shop as according to the POF staff its a security hazard!!! Excuse me this is a proper Wah Cantt we’re talking about not some run down shop in Bhai Pheru. What about the hundreds of other shops privately owned by arms dealers? Should they be less concerned about their arsenal? A good quality product requires good marketing and after sales services, not to mention efficient service which presently in my experience POF is lacking big time. Still I conclude that the POF4 is a good weapon for Home defense and Self defense.




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2 thoughts on “POF4 Pistol 9 mm ~ Review”

  1. I’m planning to buy POF 4. Need to ask your final verdict as to just go for it or not. And Secondly please connect me to the person for duracoating. Love the matte finish and colour.
    Many thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Last Sunday I took it to the range. Boy was it fun shooting the thing! But a I think one must buy a retractable stock for this pistol. I have ordered one just two days ago. Also please do consider getting its box. Considering its size it’s good for home defense. No problems observed of any sort so far. Cheers


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