Rust proof your guns by duracoating them

Duracoated CZ 75 B, in Federal Dark Earth.

Duracoat is not just about looks or spending that extra money on an already (heavily) accessorized dream weapon, sporting a competition hammer, cocobo wooden grips or  a tinkered trigger. A deliberate lamentation by the loner will quell some doubts and then some more. Be it known that rust is the number enemy when it comes to weapons, mainly guns. And this can happen to maintained guns as well. And so I went through this ordeal a few years ago, that led to me explore other ways and means.

While living in Karachi, there was this urge to carry a handgun at all times (rightly so) to defend myself and my kin. And so the Makarov was carried at all times, mostly worn in a IWB at 4’o clock position, with one in the pipe, and safety applied. But and only but when the loner was out for a jog which did happen once a day, mostly, was it worn in a waist band, nicely tucked under the T shirt. For those of you not living in Karachi you know the humidity levels and couple that with the sweating body of a slightly over weight (oh hell a few extra pounds) man and the gun will get wet. So it was a routine to dry it up after a jog, always. But then one day it was left to dry on its own. Just one day! Lo and behold the metal eating stuff attacked it like a pack of hyenas does to a lonely grazing defenseless animal.

Some cleaning with the WD-40 followed, but the thing stayed there. Tender application of white lithium grease followed after every jog. But then dent went deeper and deeper. Until one day, I saw small pitting marks on the frame. A thorough sanding session later (with various grits) and a Perma Blue coating the thing looked a tad bit better, albeit for a few weeks. That’s when my friend “Ob” suggested putting highly sticky skateboard tape on it. That did it, or so I thought, in fact it didn’t kill the rust, it hid it and stopped it from spreading. Damn!

So finally after about a year, dear friend “Rotor” imported Duracoat in small quantity and that’s when the loner decided to get the Mak duracoated. The results were amazing. Spruced up the looks, killed the rust and made it rust proof for good. A while later most of the guns in my “Harem” were given a similar treatment. Till the time “Rotor” gets a Cerakote facility, I am banking on the duracoat which till now has served the purpose 🙂 Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

The Baikal Makarov Mp-442 duracoated in Tan.


CQA chambered in .223, duracoated in Tan.



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4 thoughts on “Rust proof your guns by duracoating them”

  1. Assalam o alaikum Sir

    I have two questions regarding dura coat. I hope you can reply

    1. Did you apply duracoat yourself? What was the name of duracoat kit as I know from internet it comes in different kits

    2. How much did it cost?



      1. Thank you for you feedback back, Sir!

        I am interested to get hold of a SAR B6 in a mobth or so, should I go for dura coat on a new one for rust protection in advance? Need your help in this context.

        If yes, Can you share your friends details along with the costs incurred?



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