Something about Pindi boys…..

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Ever wonder why there’s so much rumpus about “Pindi Boys”? There’s always lots of  hoo-ha when one of them is around you. Or, even if one is not around the mere mention of a Pindi Boy evokes weird glances, uncanny thoughts and ephemeral sentiments which more often than not are bad or sometimes worse. Well like it or not Pindi Boys exist and they’re proud of it. Not that I am one of them, it just happens that I have lived amongst them not for years but decades. The following is an anecdotal account of some of their antics which have earned them the title of Pindi Boys. And so as a disclaimer let me say that this is with no malice or fun aimed at anyone, just light banter which you might find amusing and informative, but not offensive. Enjoy the post…

  1. They are experts in wheeling motorbikes at the peril of their lives. Yes, that’s as plain as possible. Most Eid holidays, National Holidays and weekends, they will throng to the roads on droves, wheeling their bikes. All this is done with no helmets or protection gear in full traffic flow, cool isn’t it?
  2. You can make them out by the way they dress up and off course their unique hairstyles. Hell, no shame in getting dressed my own way, is there?
  3. Are die hard fans of Pulao Kebab or the infamous Murgh Pulao. All washed down with Pepsi!
  4. If anything deserves a praise, let it be pronounced as “yeh bohat best hai.”
  5. A young girl that is a “bandi” in Lahore will very much be a “Bachi” in Pindi Boys lingo, that is 🙂
  6. The fuel tank and side covers of a new motorbike will be replaced with used aftermarket stuff, to preserve their looks, only to be fitted again when selling it.
  7. The same thing will be done to most cellphones, wait a minute I have seen this happen.
  8. Never mind the chappals, I’m still wearing a trousers.
  9. Be sure not to get in to an altercation with a Pindi boy as it will invite more Pindi Boys and you might not get home without a brawl.
  10. When a Pindi Boy says, “mou ni siree” (a literal translation would be, “you mother;s head”! or “someone’s mother’s head” which ostensibly means a cuss word of some sort), it means things are getting serious and better watch out.
  11. Ciros burger or Kareem Samosas? Anyone?
  12. When talking about their mother and sister, will be addressed as “mother” or “sister” regardless of language being spoken. As if “mother” and “sister” is more respectable or that “maan” or “behen” less respectable, I wonder why?
  13. Can smoke a cigarettes while riding a motorbike, never mind the rain or wind, or whatever!
  14. Two very close friends would love to wear the same color and type of shalwar kameez on Eid or special occasions.
  15. Savour Foods is the ultimate eating out experience.
  16. It is their right to meddle in anyone else’s fight, mostly on road sides.
  17. Poondi is their favorite pastime, and they are good at it.
  18. Hanging out at the Centaurus Mall is really fun.
  19. Only level heads can win an argument with Pindi Boys.
  20. There be natural animosity between Pindi boys and Burger kids.
  21. Raja ji, will mostly be a happy man, regardless, no tension type!
  22. Arguments will seldom be won by you should you get in to one, with them.
  23. That gusto, macho, carefree look and attitude is their hallmark.
  24. Pindi boys think they rock and are actually cool, which in fact they are.

That’s all I can think of now. If you happen to have a few more valid observations, please let m e know.




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2 thoughts on “Something about Pindi boys…..”

  1. Before centaurus, it was ghakkahar plaza, the place to be all the time.
    PM Ice cream the only place open late at night.
    Best bakeries in Pakistan though, bread and butter has been closed down due to bad sanitary.
    Halwa puri of haathi chowk, almost Lahori standard.
    And the whether, which is the best part of being in Rawalpindi.


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