Turning an old pair of Levi’s in to Denim Chappals

My old blue Levi’s had faded much to “her” dismay and dislike. On the contrary I have always loved a faded Levi’s, kind of reminds of the “Purani jeans aur guitar”, thing 🙂 But off course who can argue with “her”? And so a Jet Black stretch Levi’s came in as a much needed replacement and added to my nifty albeit humble wardrobe. Many discussions followed, the topic being the old Levi’s off course. While “snuggler” suggested throwing it away, this scribe persisted. More discussions followed but I wasn’t going to acquiesce, so a pair of scissors turned them in to long shorts, a tad bit lower my knees, purely “Shariat compliant” in the true sense, if you know what I mean. That too became an eyesore for my partner! With options running low, epiphany set in one day. While coming out of the Subway joint near my workplace a small cobbler’s shop caught my eye. A visit to his workshop did in fact confirm that he made “Peshawari Chappals”. So the faded Levi’s was shown to him, much to his amazement with a request to morph them in to “Peshawari Chappals”. Some time was lost while the owner consulted his handyman, and finally he agreed. A week’s patience resulted in this amazing mutation and the old Levi’s was skilfully transformed in to Denim Chappals. The Rambler fell in love with them and quite surprisingly “she” loved them too! To this day I have received three more orders, I guess its time to patent this thing 🙂



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