The story of Seiko Diver’s watch

Seiko Big Boss is a diver’s watch made by the Seiko company. This one is in particular is a good looking all stainless steel watch which works on Kinetic energy. Means hand movements charge a small battery that keeps the watch working. It shows date and time, besides having a rotating bezel for time keeping and also uses Lumi Brite (glowing) paint for showing time in the dark. The Big Boss is water proof till 200 M and is an average watch, not something out of this world. I am not particularly fond of collecting wrist watches but random Googling about the Seiko took me to its history page which itself is quite interesting.

How did Seiko get down to making a wrist watch fro Scuba divers? Well it all started with a letter from a Scuba diver to the Seiko company complaining that none of the wrist watches were capable of sustaining pressure at depths greater than 300 M. This single letter got the Seiko engineers working and in a few years they introduced the first ever Seiko watch for professional Scuba divers in 1975. Off course divers watches were known to exist even before this era but this one beat all others in that it was the perfect answer to their woes at greater depths. It will not be incorrect to say that the Japanese are masters miniaturization and precision. The Big Boss and other models purpose built for Scuba divers are a testament to their hard work and dedication and the Seiko company’s acumen for its clientele. The story I found very interesting and hence decided to share with my readers 🙂


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