How to accessorize the CQA 5.56 Rfile


This is a pic of modified CQA 5.56 semi-auto rifle. The rifle comes in black matte finish, originally. It has a fixed front sight and a rear adjustable sight, besides a retractable stock. Apart from this, there’s no accessory item on the CQA by default, save for the removable carry handle. The CQA is a clone of the American AR15 5.56 semi-auto, which has a cult following world over and has been extensively accessorized in every possible way in the US. With after market parts the CQA can be modified or accessorized quite inexpensively to make it look beautiful and modern.

What all can be done to the CQA to spruce up its looks and improve its performance? Well to begin with you need to buy a few accessories;


  • 10 inch Quad Rail (free floating) hand guard. This thing will hold the new front flip-up 45 degree off set sight. You can also install a front hand grip, a torch/flashlight on it, or even a laser. Its all metal and gives a solid look to the otherwise hard plastic front hand guard of the CQA.



  • Butterfly style metal cocking handle. This thing will give you the ability to charge the rifle with single hand, since its ambidextrous so you can use left or right hand.




  • Red Dot sight. I used a Walther Ps22, however, there are many choices available. The Red Dot helps in quick acquisition of targets and can be attached to the Picatinny rails on the rifle after removing the carrying handle. There are more than a dozen illumination settings on it and it can be zeroed for elevation and windage. Gives pretty tight groups up to 200 meters.




  • Gas Block. With the Red Dot installed you can literally see the front sight in it, which creates an unnecessary hindrance in the view. I removed the front sight, installed a gas block and hence solved this problem. So now the rifle functions in semi-auto mode without a problem and I can use (both) the Red Dot and fixed sights. Having Red dot and 45 degree tilt iron sights is cool as one can use anyone of them at will.






  • Go Gun Gas pedal, thumb rest. A Gas pedal gives very good support to the thumb when holding the rifle from the Quad rails, it gives a good grip and increases comfort level.


  • snap-on-ladder 18 Slot snap on 7 inch ladders. The ladders are snapped on to the Quad rails and give a comfortable hold to the rifle. The Picatinny or Weaver rails have sharp edges and are not ideally suited for a good hold. The other option is to install a front hand grip on the Quad rail but since I do not like the hand grip option so this does me good.




  • AR15 Front and rear 45 degree offset flip-up iron sights. Installed at 45 degrees slant angle these sights supplement the Red dot sight and can be used if the Red dot goes bad or looses battery. Pretty useful in an actual combat situation.



  • Some dura-coat job 🙂

So the finished product looks something like this…. See the pics and enjoy the transformation 🙂


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