Daastan! all set to revive the literary landscape in Pakistan

Publishing a book might not come easy in Pakistan nowadays considering so many factors, there’s the lack of readership, then there’s problems finding a publisher, not to mention royalty issues etc. To put it in plain words, writing a book is one thing but getting it published totally another. A new writer will have to find a publisher(if any) that is willing to publish (if at all) his/her work. But there’s good news in the shape of Daastan which is Pakistan’s first self-publishing platform with an aim to revive the literary industry of Pakistan.  It also aims to encourage people to pursue writings and get their work published. Mera Qissa is a project of Daastan through which a number of writers have been able to publish their work. And a good news is that, Daastan is now a registered publishing house.

A number of books have been published under the guidance of Daastan. The most famous ones include Zulekha by Omer Malik (http://www.meraqissa.com/book/22), Scars by Sania Irfan (http://www.meraqissa.com/book/31), and Especially Special by Sundus Zafar (http://www.meraqissa.com/book/33).


To begin with, the procedure itself is quite easy and hassle free. Simply head on to meraqissa, signup for an account, upload your work, get it reviewed, publish, promote and earn. There’s paid as well as free account options for digital publishing. Writers can also get their work published in printed form after paying the charges, which happen to be quite nominal and hence affordable.


There’s a lot of opportunity for writers to get published and flourish, there’s opportunity for publishers to find new talent, and then there’s something for readers to read, rate and enjoy. I think this a good step in the publishing domain, at least someone has stood up to challenge the Urdu Bazar mafia. I believe this a very smart move form a small group of smart people from Wah! And I can’t help but say Wah Wah! 🙂

Head on to www.meraqissa.com to read a novel online or better still order a hard copy for yourself.


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