Dura-coating my Makarov


Makarov Duracoat (1)

The Makarov in this pic has been my loyal companion for about five years. It has seen most parts of the country that I have visited in last five years. Its absolutely reliable and accurate weapon, besides it gives the great advantage of concealability and with a 12 shot mag it gives one gets 4 rounds per mag advantage over the old 8 shot Makarov. The handgun has de-cocker as well as safety and is SA/DA as discussed here.

As is the case with any gun; its prone to rust and carry guns are specially susceptible to rust since they are carried anywhere and everywhere. In my case even while jogging in a city like Karachi (using a waist band). The slight cases of rust were dealt by me a number of times, but rust once it catches a gun, doesn’t leave it. It only gets worse. So the best thing to do is rust proof it by duracoat. And that’s exactly what was done here. Duracoating gives the big advantage of rust proofing a weapon (read: weather resistant) and it spruces up the looks of these things big time. Readers will agree with the the Makarov has suddenly become very attractive with a two tone combination of Tan and Matte Black. The controls in this case were done black whereas the slide and frame were done in Tan. The manual says a curing period of 14 days and that’s what I did exactly. Enjoy the pics ūüôā

Makarov Duracoat (3)

On the operating table!

                                                 Makarov Duracoat (6)

  WOW Factor 10!

Makarov Duracoat (5)

Oh Mama!

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