Yamaha YBR 125 : Short Review


The Yamaha YBR 125 is a new entrant in Pakistani Motorbike market. Its an entry level street bike, reminiscent of the once Kawasaki GTO 125 that reigned supreme in the minds of us Pakistanis, some three decades ago. There used to be once only Honda CG 125 that could be declared as the champion of the roads with its high phantom like sound, but then when you don’t change shape for more than three decades, people are wont to loose interest. And off course Yamaha 100, but with time people need change, in looks, performance, convenience and economy. The YBR 125 fills up this empty void in a much better way. There’s the Suzuki GD 150 that could be declared as a good competitor to the YBR 125 but it lacks in looks and off course disc brakes and not to mention the Aluminum Alloy wheels against the age old spokes wheels.

The Yamaha YBR 125 come sin two models; the YBR 125 street version and the YBR 125G trail or off road version. With slight differences in specs, the bikes are an instant hit in the market as they offer style, comfort, safety, convenience and economy at an affordable cost. The bike is available in four colors; Blue, Black, Red and Grey. The sporty version comes in Black and Red only.

Here are the specs:

Yamaha YBR-125-4

Image Source: http://www.csd.gov.pk/


The YBR 125 is a looker and a keeper!


The front hood is impressive, it comes with a 12 V, 35 W Halogen bulb. Also has parking light.


Cool at the rear.


The YBR 125 and 125G both have 5 spoke cast wheels with 18 inch tires for perfect balance.


Front wheel brake is disc type.


With 13L fuel tank the YBR 125 has a theoretical endurance of 500 kms.


With 5 speed the gear system is 1 forward and 4 rear type operation.


The YBR 125 an 125 G employ a Catalytic Converter for converting toxic gases in  to less toxic pollutants by oxidation.


The motorbike has drum type rear brakes and also comes with a kick starter in addition to self start, powered by a 12 VDC battery.


The speedometer/tachometer display assembly shows all gears indication, speed, RPM, Fuel indication and also has trip switch. It also has background display light. The handle is locked/unlocked by ignition key.

The YBR 125 is retailing for around Rs. 130,000 whereas the YBR 125G is at Rs. 134,000.  The ride is really smooth and fun, with 2 spoke type wheels, self starting, 5 speed gear mechanism, front disc brakes, impressive looks, additional kick starter mechanism, good balance, huge fuel tank I think it gives a good bang for buck. So if you’re in a hurry to get from one place to another on the ever crowded roads, consider the YBR 125. Enjoy the pics!

Yamaha YBR-125-1

Yamaha YBR-125-2

Yamaha YBR-125-3

Image source: http://www.csd.gov.pk/

For more info go to: www.yamaha-motor.com.pk/

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