On Getting a Driving License from DLA…

Driving license

National Highways and Motorway Police is operating a facility called as the Drivers Licensing Authority, in H-8/2 Islamabad (for issuing licenses to new would be drivers or those like me whose licenses have long expired and they have no option but to get a new one). Its a good facility where the authorities test you according to their specified criteria and ONLY after you make it through that they consider you eligible for a license. One gets the the feeling that after all there are standards being followed (quite stringently) in our country, and in fact that’s the right thing to do. IMHO gone are the days when you used to hire an agent, pay him exorbitantly to get a license delivered to your door in a weeks time. More power to the guys doing this…

Here’s what you need to do to get a license made from the Drivers Licensing Authority (DLA):

  • Visit their H-8/2 premises. (My tip: early birds will benefit 🙂 )
  • Get a challan form and submit the money in National Bank, Rs. 300 to be exact. Add another Rs 300 for motorbike. (My Tip: Go to the Allama Iqbal Open University near by instead of any other National Bank Branch)
  • Go back to the DLA office along with your challan, NIC and Blood report. (They need to know your Blood group)
  • Get yourself examined for eyesight at DLA and other documentation visiting various rooms after reporting at the reception.
  • Appear in a online exam. (My Tip: Please prepare for it, its no piece of cake. The passing marks are rather stringent)
  • Upon clearing you’ll be given a learner’s driving license immediately and told to appear in practical test after at least six weeks.
  • After six weeks get another challan form, after submitting the fee go to the same office along with your NIC, learners license and challan.
  • You will then be examined for practical driving tests.

Some useful tips:

  • Go early, the place gets crowded but not as much as the Islamabad Traffic Police licensing office.
  • Dress well and be polite. Frankly I have found the staff to be very polite and patient in most cases.
  • Prepare well for theoretical as well as practical tests. For theory you need to have a good knowledge about the road signs and Do’s/Don’ts of driving. You need to score 9/10 in road signs and 7/10 in traffic rules. There’s enough time (10 minutes) to do it, so don’t fret.
  • Buy a road sign manual (from post office or some book shop) , or download it form the net and print it. Here are some useful links http://www.roadsign.pk/ , http://ccptraffickyc.pk/traffic-sign-test.htm , http://www.pakwheels.com/forums/get-togethers-motor-shows-motor-sports/15411-important-traffic-signs .
  • Practice well for the practical test. Get a rear view camera and LCD installed if you find reversing your car difficult.
  • Practice parallel parking.
  • Read the handy books given by DLA many times so as to memorize the sequence of tests.
  • Drive carefully when appearing in the practical test paying attention to road signs, THEY WILL ASK YOU QUESTIONS about it. Like what’s the speed limit on this road. Make an emergency stop etc.
  • Get all the info you can about DLA. See their website http://dla.nhmp.gov.pk/ and also here http://nhmp.gov.pk/.
  • You must know small little things about your car, like how to check oil level etc.
  • Take your own car if you’re used to to it instead of using DLA car.
  • If you have an automatic transmission you’ll be given on auto transmission license.
  • If you can manage a small car like Suzuki, take it as it is easy to maneuver. It reduces the  chances of you hitting the plastic road dividers.
  • If you have an old license that’s still valid you will be converted to a DLA after practical test only.
  • If you have an expired license you’ll have to appear in all test from scratch no matter how good or bad a driver you are, or how many years you’ve been on the road.

Its good that there’s some standardization being carried out in our country for issuing driving licenses. Every year thousands of people are killed in Pakistan in road accidents and one of the major reasons is ignorance. The testing procedure requires one to prepare well for it and the authorities do not compromise on standards.  I found myself to be a better drive loaded with lots of knowledge about the traffic signs and rules after passing the test. DLA has done a commendable job and in a few years I can imagine the road sense would improve in the drivers.


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