On (not) working in a public office….


procrastination      Image source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

They agree to disagree on any/every issue, and yet disagree to agree on all issues, between disagreements and agreements new issues arise, responsibilities are rarely accepted and then disagreements give birth to more disagreements. More agreements are floated which ultimately are disagreed to and then they tend to agree on the disagreements.  Rarely has it happened that a disagreement has been disagreed to, it is always agreed to. But then the agreements are never agreed to, in fact they’re always disagreed to. More meetings, more man hours wasted, more tea gulped down, more biscuits devoured, more talk, more self-aggrandizing, more boasting, more backbiting, more frowning, more time wasted and yet less work done. Whoever said, “more is less”, probably didn’t mean this. Files are tossed around, observations made, remarks noted, opinions sought, letters written, more discussions take place, more convincing talk, more presentations, more procrastination, more paperwork yet very less work done, in fact mostly none.   That’s how it is in a public office. Alas!

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