Road Poetry – V


I have discordant beliefs about things in life, mostly, that is. These beliefs are partly based on experience and partly on my assumptions which more then enough times have proved to be wrong. I am but headstrong, egoistic and self willed as much as a man can be. For this I blame none but myself, for there aren’t many influences in my life which have so far been quite inordinate. There be times in life one cannot but express him/herself, that normally happens at the beginning of the day, for instance, when experiencing the sleep-breaker at night staring at the loo, or at times when the unsaid is being done! However, the point of my ramble today is this little bumper sticker of sorts which I happened to stare at in the middle of road thanks to the naka placed by the brave Fauji Jawan. It is something I had been pondering over unintentionally in my subconscious for a very long time, owing to my haggard relationship with “people” around me. That, the Urdu couplet cannot be fathomed by a language as insignificant as English or American, if you will, but still I will make an earnest effort to get my point across.

    It says,

                      ” For since we went gentle;

                         the world has largely gone crooked!”

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