CZ 9 mm Pistol (TSX), Short Review


The CZ TSX is a custom 9 mm semi automatic pistol that you won’t find anywhere in the market, at least not in Pakistan. That’s because to make one of these you actually have to buy two CZ handguns and make one. It goes like this, this handgun uses a CZ SP01 Shadow frame and CZ Tactical Sports slide Smile This results in a very tight slide to frame grip. And if you add in a competition hammer from CZ Custom, tinker a little bit with the trigger and make use of the rear adjustable sights present on the TS, it will result in one of the best shooting handguns at an affordable price. I won’t bore you with more of this talk, enjoy the pics and some description.


The CZ box.


CZ TSX with two mags.


Rear adjustable sights.


The gun disassembled.


Here’s the CZ SP01 Shadow frame, you can see some tooling marks which has been done to precision to accommodate the CZ TS Slide.


The CZ TS slide.


CZ SP01 Shadow frame. It has the shortest trigger reset I have seen in any 9 mm pistol, absolute fun to shoot in rapid fire mode (semi auto)


The competition hammer from CZ Custom.


Here’s a target I shot at this beast from. 25 M, double hands, deliberate fire. Even a novice like me is hitting it real good. It has the softest trigger I have ever seen in any handgun. An absolute treat to shoot. In SA mode the pull is around 3 lbs.

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