Toz Model 8, .22 LR, Short Review


The Toz Model 8, is a Russian .22 LR Bolt action Rifle. Toz 8 was in initially conceived in 1932 for small game hunting, practice and teaching purposes. The rifle being reviewed is 1957 model. It is a single shot model, meaning the rifle lacks any magazine or clip. You load in a round, fire it and after ejecting it load another one. The rifle is really simple to disassemble. Just remove two screws and the whole thing comes apart in seconds.

Lets take a look at its specs:

  • Caliber: .22 LR
  • Length: 44”
  • Barrel length: 25”, Bull barrel, chrome lined
  • Fixed front sight
  • Rear sight fixed with graduated scale up to 250 M
  • Weight: 3.25 kg
  • Capacity: 1 round


The rifle isn’t really all that ugly Smile


The rear sight has a graduated scale, up to 250 M, in 25 M steps.


The front sight is fixed.


The rifle has a 25” bull barrel.


See the checkering on the grip. Also the cover is used as a protection for the firer and stops the bolt while the rifle is in assembled state.

The Toz 8, .22 LR is a simple single shot bolt action rifle, it is light weight and hassle free. The receiver contains bolt and trigger mechanism. There is no magazine, instead a special floor guide helps in loading the round in the chamber. The rifle lacks safety, instead if you don’t lock the rotating bolt the round remains in the chamber but does not fire, rotating it makes it fall in its recess and the rifle is ready to fire. So the bolt acts like a safety till its not locked.  The bolt and trigger group is very simple. This has to be the simplest rifle I have ever seen. I got this baby in greased condition at a throw away price. After a little de-greasing I got it re-blued and had the stock polished. Now it looks just as good as new. Considering its size, weight and simplicity it is ideal for plinking at the range or hunting small game like doves or rabbits. I still have to make out how to install a scope on this.  I believe it will be done after removing the rear sights since the receiver lacks any dove tails for mounting a scope. Absolutely good value for money, is you can find one, that is 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Toz Model 8, .22 LR, Short Review”

  1. I, too, have one of these. My dad sent it from Korea during the war…still in the cosmoline (sp?) package. With it I won every sharpshooting medal the Boy Scouts had to offer…not to mention several squirrels. Still in prime condition. Any idea what ilt is worth?


  2. Hi. I have a rifle very similar to the one you have. In my registration card it says: Brand unknown. I have for some time been trying to find out what it is, but have not succeeded. However your rifle looks very much like mine, except for the sights. Mine has an adjustable diopter and a much smaller front sight. Do you have any idea what type of Baikal it might be? I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.



  3. I have this rifle It shoots so straight. Nailing gophers at 70 yd is fun. It’s wonderful.
    The bolt is harder to cycle as chambering the round is working directly against the firing pin spring, compared to a cam style of cocking. (sorry, I don’t know my rifle terminology.)


    1. Good to know that. Where are you from? This rifle is very inexpensive here so very much in demand. Gunsmiths have made a modification and attached a five round magazine to it. Cheers


    2. Click on load mechanism which is not as common though the 78 series is cocked on action open. The Russian rounds are/were made of steel and being harder than brass, needs more force to propel the firing pin hard enough to ignite the priming compound. This is so for 22 cal rifles made prior to the 78 series but unsure about the semi autos.


    1. The rear sight is graduated to 250 M in 25 M steps. I am really not sure on how to mount a scope on it. I gave it to a friend some time ago. Its possible if it has a dovetail which I think it does not have.


  4. I have just bought a TOZ 8 rifle today .Supposed to be used in Soviet schools . It has English markings like “” Made in USSR ” .Why should it be marked so, if it was for use inside USSR ?


  5. Here is the year of manufacturing table for the TOZ guns:

    Д – 1969
    Е – 1968
    Е – 1969
    Е – 1970
    К – 1971
    М – 1972
    Н – 1973
    Р -1974
    С -1975
    Т -1976
    И – 1977
    Ф -1978
    Х -1979, (1980?)
    Я -1980
    АА -1981
    АБ -1982
    АВ – 1983?

    Cyrillic letter is usually the first letter of the serial number rolled onto the action, bolts have just the numbers. Mags are always marked with electric pencil.


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