Road Poetry – III



I had to tell my driver to step on it and take the car closer to this truck, so I could snap this pic for my Blog. It is a saying with a very deep meaning, one that always generates a great debate, not to mention agitating the mind and making one think hard. When translated to English, it means something like this;

“It isn’t wisdom (that takes you ahead), its actually your fate”.

Not once but many times I have pondered this issue, and each time I come more confused out of it. It defies logic, so I ask was it fate that got me where I am today or my being brainy? There have been times when I have tried very hard and failed, and yet there have been times when I didn’t try and somewhere out of nowhere there comes an opportunity, giving me a big break! So here’s my philosophy, when an opportunity comes your way, you either decide to go for it or dump it. I believe, it’s a mix of fate and hard work. But off course, fate provides the chance and hard work gets you there.

The revered companion of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Ali is on record having said that “one should pray for good fate rather than a good brain, as I have seen a lot of intelligent men working for people with good fate (Meaning not so intelligent).” What’s your philosophy on this? I would love to hear…Smile

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3 thoughts on “Road Poetry – III”

  1. A quotation……..khudhai na bakht ghwara aqal maa ghwara….. maa dair aqalmandaan da bhaktawaro ghulamaan leedali di ….. 🙂


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