Sarsilmaz ST9 by POF–Handgun Review




Sarsilmaz ST9 from POF is a striker fired 9 mm pistol. It is available like the B6 through POF although it is made in Turkey by Sarsilmaz. One of my friends got it ad I couldn’t stop myself from taking a closer look at it. The pistol comes in a plastic case with the POF logo on top of it. A brief review is presented…





Here’s what the handgun looks like. Polymer frame, polymer magazines! The plastic case includes pistol ST9, two polymer mags, plastic cleaning rod, cleaning brush, oil bottle, user manual and two back changeable back straps. The ST9 technical specs are:

  • Caliber: 9 x 19 mm
  • Action: SA
  • Mag Capacity: 15 + 1
  • Barrel length: 4.5”
  • Overall pistol length: 7.8”
  • Pistol height: 5.8”
  • Pistol width: 1.2”
  • Weight: 820 grams
  • Frame: Polymer
  • Sights: 3 Dot, dovetail front and rear
  • Slide: Forget Steel (Alloy)
  • Barrel: Forged Steel (Alloy), Chrome lined
  • Safety: Manual and Drop with firing pin block
  • Trigger Pull: 5.5 +/- 2.2 lbs




It has Picattiny rails to mount red dot or flashlight. The safety and mag release both are ambidextrous. However, I found that the mag release works by index finger and not through thumb. It is on the base of trigger guard and so not at a place where the thumb can be used to release the mag. And you do not have to push it in you actually have to push it down. Takes a little bit of practice to get used to it.




The slide stop has markings to make the disassembly easier. Serrations at the front and back of the grip make it more stable in sweaty hands. I guess it’s a good tactical weapon. With two changeable back straps the grip can be changed to suit ones hands, big or small. A great feature!



Even the slide stop is ambidextrous! The gun will perform good in left and right hands. See the safety lever  at the top and the mag release at the base of trigger guard.




The workmanship is excellent quality, no rough edges, no tooling or machining marks.



The barrel and guide rod (spring included) are top notch quality.




The three dot sight makes it easy to acquire target. And with a red striker indicator at the back one knows when the gun is ready to shoot.

The Sarsilmaz ST9 has a barrel life of 25,000 rounds. The gun exudes quality and ruggedness. In Pakistan it is selling from 58k to 60 plus depending on where you buy it from. Its only available in Black color here in Pakistan, but else where on the web I saw it in Desert Tan and Green color which simply spruces up its looks. With a barrel life of 25,000 rounds this gun is poised to serve its owner for a long time. And with spares available from POF, the price and excellent workmanship I think it offers excellent value for money in Pakistan.

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55 thoughts on “Sarsilmaz ST9 by POF–Handgun Review”

    1. Dr sb, POF was supposed to make these pistols. But I have been told the Turks told them to purchase 30,000 or more pistols after which they would install the production plant. I think the negotiations have stalled. But in any case this would have been good for Pakistan.


  1. Interesting mag release – lever type and not a push button. Polymer magazines are going to be a problem though.


    1. I am not sure about the quality but from what I have heard these mags last a long time. And personally I don’t like the lever type mag release.


    1. Ahem, Ahem! The info you have is rather old. POF recalled all guns with strike issues and replaced them free of cost, also the issue was resolved by Sarsilmaz and the newer guns are trouble free.


  2. nmafzal your review is very good. I want to purchase one pistol among B-6 and St-9 but confuse to decide which one in good. Please suggest me one pistol among B-6 and St-9 with strong reasons, if possible please e-mail me your contact number to talk personally. Thanks.
    Waiting for your response.


    1. Hello Dr MIN. Both are good. I like hammer fired guns so I got the B6. Also B6 is based on the CZ platform which is well tried and I am a big fan of CZ 😀 hence my reasons for getting a CZ.


      1. hi i hope you reply
        can you tell me how is b6 performing any idea of how many miss fire till now or any faliure to feed and roughly how many rounds have you fired


  3. an excellent value for money you pay is st9,
    I bought non POF, directly imported Sarsilmaz st9 and found it’s adjustable grip as an added feature.

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  4. I have st9 good handling, no problem with accuracy but one problem I got is that the slider lock for reload after I fired some of the shots but last round remain in megzine I don’t know what is the problem can you help ?


    1. Can you please retry firing with different magazine and different ammo. That should single out the problem. So if its not the ammo and mags then it definitely is the handgun. If you bought it form POF then they will definitely help. Please keep us posted. Thanks


    2. stoppages in weapons are mostly due to poor maintenance and low quality ammunition. after you fire clean the weapon with warm water, dry it and the oiling for about two hours. again clean it and then put it will never stop. keep the magazine empty when not in use. if the capacity is of 10 rounds , load eight. i hope this will surely help as i am an expert in weapon training.


  5. Hello dear all
    Please I need you guys to help me out
    One friend ask me to buy canik instead of buying st9
    I am going to buy st9 tomorrow
    I am switching from 30bore to 9mm
    Can you guys help me & guide me which one will be more reliable .


  6. assalamoalaikum sub bhaion ko…. mjhe english bolni ni ati par samajh jata hon. ap logo ki baten suni knowledge main izaafa hua… me puchna chahta hn k glock ki copy kahan day mily gi? kitny ki hogi? or kesi hogi? 17 4th gen or 20 4th gen… kindly bta dain aap senior log hain bary bhai hain


  7. Assalamualaikum every one Hope all of u r good… i really love the look of st9 please any one tell me about this handgun n also help me to find its for me i will b very thankful to you specifically nmafzal…. please

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      1. Hi!

        Afzal, do you have any idea if this ST-9 still available at POF? I am a Karachi resident by the way.
        I want to buy a 9mm handgun, searched the local market but found the prices rocekt high now a days due to arms import ban.
        From different options, I liked Girsan MC27E. It seems like a good handgun with very fine international reviews. Even this Turkish 9mm is 120K.
        I wonder which is the better option, a ST-9 (if available) or MC27E (it’s available).
        Please shade some light if possible.


      2. Hello, weapon prices have skyrocketed because of the ban. POF has an outlet in Lucky Star Karachi please check out it. Do also check their Sarsilmaz B6. Both are good handguns. I haven’t used the Girsan but have heard good things about it. You should get B6 or ST9 under 60k from POF. They will have the POF logo. Hope this helps. Cheers


  8. Hello bro.. i wanna buy b6 or st9 but super confused what should i do.. a dealer told me to buy back hammer pistol it is much safer than none hammer… what you say about..plz help


    1. Hello dear,
      it is a long debate, but I will make the answer short. I always prefer a hammer fired weapon against a striker fired. And so I would suggest B6, also B6 is based on CZ platform and is in my opinion a better and tried out gun. I have kept and used this handgun. I am not saying that the ST9 is bad in anyway, its just my preference.
      Best regards,


  9. Assalam o alaikum. sir one of my friend have Sarsilmaz st9 POF. it is in very good condition. his asking price is 120k, but i have few doubts. 1) the dealer in my area told me that its not turkey made. like it has POF stamp that is why it is locally made i.e by POF and once it got that stamp it is not that much worth.
    2) they also told me that its a little bulky, heavy and striking style pistol once you got that then it would be difficult to resale it. they also criticize it polymer mag.
    Now kindly guide me i am confused whether i should go for it or not. because i dont think that i have too much options in 100k around budget excluding cf98 of chinese one because i am not fan of that. kindly if possible answer me in detail. and suggest me some a better one. from peshawar. Thankyou


    1. Hello. It’s not made by POF. It’s imported by POF. The Turkish company put a stamp on it. It’s an all right pistol considering the price. In this price bracket only CF98 and AHSS FX9 are available. FX9 is a new entrant so can’t comment on that. If you raise your budget a little there are many options in Canik TP9 series and HS9 besides various Turkish pistols. Regards


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