For the Love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)




I really had to wear my thinking cap to write this one piece. It is an issue that has been hurting Muslims and people of other religions (those who realize how bad it is) all over the globe. In writing this I do not in anyway mean to write about why the Charlie Hebdo gang was put to sleep and by whom; and were the killers really those who they say they were or was it someone else as is being said? Well obviously everyone knows why they were killed even if the story is as they say it is. Post Charle Hebdo killings, leaders from as many as 40 countries descended upon France as walked hand in hand with some say up to 3 million people on the streets. That was quite a show of respect and solidarity with the victims. They (the demonstrators) condemned the killings, it was a strong message, one that gave way to reprisal by the same magazine by printing even more cartoons of the Prophet (PBUH). Funny thing is not one of them criticized the cartoonists for what they did. All in the name of freedom of speech!


While I find the whole episode painful I find the reaction even more painful. Should you forget the cause and focus on the effect only? Guys, the Pope Francis said;

‘You cannot make fun of the faith of others’

See this link please; the Pope Francis even went on to say that there must be limits to free speech. Frankly this is the best statement I have heard against freedom of speech and in favor of the those who focus on the cause, against the effect. Hats off to you Pope! He further went on to say, “anyone who insults his mother can expect a punch” and media around the world was quick to infer from his saying that The Pope blamed the provocateurs, rightly so. I am happy so read and so write that the Pope is a courageous man indeed and has said what was required to be said at this moment of time. All others who condemned that attack and never said a word about the Hebdo gang need to learn a  thing or two from the Pope (may you be of any religion).

Now lets come to the issue of insulting and hurting people by making fun of other’s faith. That, the Charlie Hebdo staff were known for making fun of other religions as well is no secret. They scoffed quite a number of people, but I am surprised that the Christian community never bothered to stop them, all in the name of freedom of speech. I am not sure about the faith of Charlie Hebdo staff, some say it was Jewish, however, I believe they didn’t have any religion, not to mention the morals. Even countries like Russia went on to say that publishing cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was illegal. Not that one needs their vouching on the issue but off course its admirable that largely Orthodox Christian country should condemn the issue in so clear words.

Do you know that to be a Muslim one has to believe in all the prophets before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? And that explains why Muslims never make fun of other Prophets.


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Personally I believe the freedom of speech issue is a sack of Sh** and it needs major reworking. I mean how can countries like France, Denmark and Germany justify mocking people of other faith and Prophets in the name of Freedom of Speech? I think the west needs to catch up on faith, they are way out of league for no matter how much they might have progressed or developed. They have fallen out of faith, big time.

For me its quite un-understandable how the French Government, people and their emissaries world over justify the so called Freedom of Speech. And I think this act of Parliament to condemn the issue is akin to making noise without any result. It would be more logical for the Government to call the French Ambassador and give him a good dressing down followed by vehement petition for annulling these so called laws.

The making of and publication of Cartoons is nothing but a cheap gimmick to gain attention, hurt someone’s feelings and off course this obviously supercharges the circulation.

What can you and I do? Well we can condemn it by speaking against it, writing and creating awareness. Setting shops on fire, demonstrating un-peacefully and destroying people’s property to vent out your anger is not the solution. I believe if the Government  calls the French Ambassador and asks them to abolish these so called Freedom of Speech Laws, it will pacify the crowds also besides serving the purpose. Till the time this is not done, there will more such instances and the whole story will be repeated with no effect; whatsoever.

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7 thoughts on “For the Love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)”

  1. Interesting post and for the most, the Charlie Hedbo staff are atheists and therefore they believe that its easy to ridicule the backward people following outdated religions, their mind sets works that way. Also when did Europe ever have any respect for values and cultures other then the so called imaged EUROPEAN ones?!


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