A Much Failed Polio Campaign. Alas!


Polio killing

Image Source: www.dawn.com

You will find lots of Fs flying about in this post, apologies in advance for that. This small little piece of news in Dawn got my attention and hence this post. ASI Ali of the Sindh Police was shot today while on duty, his job being to protect the Polio Team administering Polio drops to children in the Banaras Colony (Orangi Town No 4).


This is what happened, immediately after the shooting;

  • Attackers managed to flee from the scene (nothing new here).
  • The policeman was shifted to hospital and his condition is said to be critical (I pray he survives).
  • A huge contingent of Police and Rangers swarmed the site of attack (They will obviously find nothing as always).

What baffles me is as to why was the Policeman alone? Why don’t the wisest of the wise appoint at least two cops per team? Does it take an above 180 IQ to figure out this riddle. Just see how many of those poor men have been shot. At least the stats can give one some idea. This is going to be yet another incident which will be filed and left unsolved till another of a similar nature happens, and takes someone else’s life. The best the Government or whoever takes those shitty decisions has been able to do is ban pillion riding for three days in Karachi. WOW! As if this will end the crisis. Or will it?

Shame on this bitch called as the Government and shame on these suckers who can’t or won’t do anything, be it the Police Chief, or any fuck face who is in charge starting form the Chief Minister to the IG. FUCK YOU, ALL OF YOU! Soon there will be statements like; we are investigating, the invisible hand (berooni haath), Indian and Israeli nexus, militant groups behind it and what not. Frankly I don’t give a flying fuck who is behind it. The bottom line is a cop got killed (for the umpteenth time) protecting a Polio team. Someone lost his life, that someone wasn’t related to Qaim Ali Shah, nor was he from the Bhutto family, he was just one poor man trying to do his duty, who now is fighting for his life (while you ass holes who are responsible for this are enjoying). Woe to these impotent men at the helm of affairs who are sitting on their fat asses and can or will do nothing about it.

Well you jerks, let me tell you the solution is very simple if you want to do something;

  • Give concealed Bullet proof vests to these poor souls. (I know you have oodles of public money at your disposal)
  • Always deploy them in teams. (Nobody ever told you that? Hah!)
  • Give them pistols besides those fucked up carbines.
  • Deploy them in plain clothes.
  • Have back up teams covering them.
  • Give them two way radios for better communication and coordination.
  • Last but not the least, take it seriously you shameless jerks.

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5 thoughts on “A Much Failed Polio Campaign. Alas!”

  1. Yes and we really need to do something int he right direction before the Mullah brigades help in polio stricken pakistani children as our crippling future.


      1. Han han, there is and frankly fm mullas sermons of western medication is haram and so on isnt helping at all, unaware communities of our country…


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