Burqa, Bag Aur Bundooq!


women and handguns

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On Not shooting from the hips!

Should women in Pakistan (and elsewhere) own a handgun? Or maybe should I ask why should women in Pakistan (and elsewhere) not consider carrying, buying and learning to use a handgun or a firearm? Considering the current law and order situation, the ever present terrorist threat, the daily rape average stats (which keep on climbing), the inability of LEAs to curb crime, the working woman’s woes, eve-teasing, acid throwing, kidnapping, abductions, homicide, honor killings, stove burning cases, muggings in daylight and robberies I think the average Perveen needs to be armed to be able to defend herself, her family and most important her honor should a situation arise instead of just saying “Khuda ki waste mujhe chor do? Ghar mein maa behen nahin hain? Or Please mujhe jaaney do OR even Mein tumhare agay haath jorti hoon”


I am sorry I don’t have the crime stats on violence against women but it doesn’t take much to realize that the weaker sex is more threatened nowadays than ever before. First off, you have to understand guns if treated with care after taking necessary precautions aren’t dangerous. When that pig faced mugger or robber comes to know that Peeno had a 9 mm in her purse he’s going to die of a heart attack. And if she shoots a bullet or two (even if in the air) I can bet the ounk is going to run for his life and word is going to go around really fast. Citizens, its time to arm yourself because you can’t beat guns with words. Its that simple.

“Perveen ke purse mein pistol”

There’s are millions of women who go to work daily alone, there are even a greater number of them at home (alone) and the greatest number of them in the markets and bazaars. So whose going to protect them? The Police? Well I guess not. The average time of Police reaching the crime scene here in Pakistan will be more than 30 minutes at least, but a 9 mm bullet will arrive at 1300 ft/sec! Get the picture? I believe in arming the average Perveen so that she’s able to defend herself. Its that simple.

“Mein ankh ke elawa kuch aur bhi maar sakti hoon”

If a woman can buy a Rs. 20 to 60k cellphone, expensive clothes or jewelry,  why can’t she consider buying a handgun in this price? I guess its just a matter of priorities. Or maybe no one ever told them so, so I want to be the first one to raise my voice. Believe me it isn’t that complicated. The constitution and laws do not prevent women from getting a license or owning a weapon. Its just the mindset that needs to be changed. That’s  it.

“Judge Sahib Perveen ne pehle mujhe aankh mari aur phir goli mari”

I know people who have taught their wives and daughters on how to shoot a weapon, at least a handgun. All it takes is a visit to the range, some ammo, a handgun and some patience. If women can fight alongside men in armies world over and learn to handle long guns why not pistols and revolvers. Don’t our lady officers in the Armed Forces shoot rifles? Well are they any different than the ladies sitting in offices or at home? If you can blog, perform surgeries, deliver babies, drive a car, fly a plane, teach a class, work in an office, make impressive Power-Point presentations, raise children, swim, ride, travel and above all make awesome tasting Biryani, you can very well handle a gun. At least I can’t make Biryani 🙂

While the one liners are just to make you smile they do not in any way mean to offend you ladies at all. I have been carrying and using handguns for years and I am a big proponent of learning  (and keeping) guns for self-defense. And I implore you to seriously consider getting one for the sake of your honor, your family and relatives. If you can learn to fly and drive you can very well learn to shoot a gun. So I say girls, give it a thought, a serious one. Never mind if you are a Burqa clad or a jeans donning, young or old, fair or wheat-ish, short or tall, fat or slim. As long as you are sensible and able bodied go for it. Just for a moment consider being a well armed woman!

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6 thoughts on “Burqa, Bag Aur Bundooq!”

  1. Pakistani men would flip over with the imagined change of status quo, lol. Jokes apart I need to come back with a more concrete relfection on your post, hang on! thanks.


      1. Arms or firearms? Lol. Just kidding. Well actually arms (or firearms) aren’t that bad. You need to take the right safety precautions (always). And please do consider a handgun for self defense. Please do!

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  2. At last I found someone who agrees with me in this mater 🙂 It is very sad that our society has a very negative attitude towards guns. I believe everybody should carry a handgun, whether he/she is man, woman or a eunuch. My family doesn’t agree with me on this but I will definitely teach my daughters and sons to shoot


    1. Totally agree with you brother. The way law and order situation is deteriorating in our country it is now mandatory to buy and learn to use weapons for all of us IMHO.


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