Shopping Expreience at Jafferjees


Disclaimer: This is a truly (Shopping) inspired post and is in no way a gimmick by me or Jafferjees to promote their business.

This outlet of Jafferjees is located at shout distance from my home. I wanted to buy a gift for a dear friend and settled for a personalized wallet, with his name scribbled in Golden, Silver or even embossed on leather, any way I wanted it. Lo and behold it turned out to be a shopping experience I will never forget. These guys really do know how to serve (or pamper) and hence spoil their customers. I came back really impressed with the quality of stuff and service.


To begin with the salesman was the most courteous person I have ever met anywhere. He showed me a boastful collection of wallets in various colors, shapes and sizes and asked me to make a choice. I settled for a Black leather wallet. Next step he presented me a small paper with complete details on it for me to just tick out; font size, font style, font color etc. and off course write the name of the recipient. After having filled the small form and written my friend’s name on the paper, he gave it to another expert who deftly printed it in the desired font, size and color and presented it back to me along with the wallet to ask where I wanted the name embossed. It took no more than five minutes for the expert to emboss the letters on the wallet while I drooled over the huge selection of leather products from women’s purses, to hold alls, holsters, wallets, book marks, bags, suitcases, rucksacks and what not. The gentleman then appeared holding my gift and asked me if I wanted it gift wrapped before I had the chance to ask him if he had such a facility. The gift was wrapped most artistically, with a name tag of the recipient on top of it and placed in a matching paper bag. Man, this was quite a show.

Next I proceeded to the payment counter and asked the salesperson if he accepted plastic money to which he replied in the affirmative. Having swiped my card and signed the chit he took the receipt and the payment invoice packed it in a small envelope (with the letters Jafferjees on it) and presented it to me like it was a souvenir. Man I was impressed! For whoever has conceived and designed the whole procedure is no less than a genius and sure does know how to “get and keep” a customer.

The quality of products and service at Jafferjees is simply outstanding. Try it out if you still haven’t Smile


The inventory is huge and impressive.





The Credit Card was presented to me in an envelope!


My shopping gift wrapped and packed to perfection.

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