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Its been a while since I bought a new handgun. So when the opportunity arose, I said a little prayer and got hold of a new Sarsilmaz B6, 9 mm semi-auto pistol, which is going to be produced by Pakistan Ordnance Factories, Wah in collaboration with Sarsilmaz Turkey. The present lot however, has been imported from Turkey with the POF logo stamped on it, along with the words Sarsilmaz. A small review for my readers….



The POF, Sarsilmaz B6 is a 9mm semi auto pistol which comes packed in a plastic case, containing the pistol itself, an oil bottle, two magazines, two cleaning brushes, a plastic (yikes) cleaning rod and an instruction manual. The quality of all items including the box itself is quite impressive. The frame is made of Black Polymer and even though the handgun is full frame yet it is quite light. Take a look at the specs please:

Technical Specs:

  • Caliber: 9 x 19 mm
  • Action: SA/DA
  • Mag Capacity: 15 + 1
  • Barrel length: 4.5”
  • Overall pistol length: 8.1”
  • Pistol height: 5.5”
  • Pistol width: 1.1”
  • Weight: 800 grams
  • Frame: Polymer
  • Sights: 3 Dot
  • Slide: Forget Steel (Alloy)
  • Barrel: Forged Steel (Alloy), Chrome lined
  • Safety: Manual and Drop with firing and hammer  block




The box contains all these, not shown is the instruction manual and the plastic cleaning rod.


I have found the finish to be very good. No tooling marks, the gun simply exudes quality. The slide stop and safety are located on the right side. The safety can be easily engaged/disengaged by the thumb.



The front and rear sight consist of one and two white dots respectively. The front sight is changeable and the rear is dovetailed. I intend trying to fit Tru-Dot CZ sights both on the front and rear.



The grip is good. I found it really comfortable holding in both hands.


The pistol can be dis-assembled very easily easily by aligning the two dots on the slide frame and dis-engaging the slide stop. Its very CZish Smile



Here’s a view of the frame innards. Very good quality stuff.


The barrel is Steel forged, chrome lined. Really good finish and the ramp is polished to perfection.


The only downer is this plastic cleaning rod.

IMG_20150107_182832-1          IMG_20150107_182850-1

Here’s what the guide rod and magazine look like. The magazine has red visual indication for 5, 10 and 15 rounds which really is helpful.




And finally the barrel.

To Conclude: The Sarsilmaz B6 from POF Wah is available in Pakistan for Rs 46k to 50k depending on where you buy it from. It is a good quality and reliable handgun. The bore axis is slightly high and would require practice for the shooter to achieve good results. The Polymer frame means lighter weight. There’s option to go for 17 round magazine thus having good capacity. The finish of internal as well as external parts is very good and I haven’t been able to find any burrs. The barrel life is 25,000. With a 3 dot sight system its easy to aim and shoot. It is based on the CZ 75 design so this explains its reliability. The Sarsilmaz B6 from POF Wah offers very good value for money. I will update the post after visiting range and shooting with this handgun.

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87 thoughts on “Sarsilmaz B6 by POF Wah–Handgun Review”

      1. B6 is based on the CZ75 platform so some CZ75 holster should fit. But depending on where you live you can look for a good quality holster. If in Rawalpindi, try Shams Saddlers in Saddar, they make custom holsters on order. Or Gown House on Murree Road, they do have a good collection ready to use. If you’re in Karachi go to Lucky Star, there’s one (Hussain) from Saddlers who makes very good quality holsters.


    1. Yes. Depending on the city. In Peshawar and Lahore prices are lower, as compared to Karachi. Actually the dealers jack-up the price. I would suggest you to get it from POF directly.


  1. Dear Afzal , i have a license of KP only that why … can you please tell me someone in KP a dealer or if possible to bring one for me from WAH , then i wil buy from his shop


    1. I am not sure. You can try Mazhar Alam (Fakhr e Alam and sons), he has a shop 1 km short of Qila Balahissar when coming from Pindi.
      BTW why don’t you get the license converted to All Pakistan?


      1. I have license of Punjab and Islamabad .

        can i get it converted to all pakistan??


        my licence is issued by DC office islamabad.


  2. hi friends i have 9mm lisence of KPK , i want to make it as “all pakistan ” , can any one tell me is that possible ? if yes , what will be the step by step procedure for this ?


  3. It was my great desire that we should have our own country made hand Gun’ now I feel immense pleasure to have it.
    5 time cheaper than imported pistols of various countries’ this Pistol is available for sell at the cost of 50K.
    I personally fired 200 rounds & it went very well.
    Pakistan Zindabad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes but this is imported from Turkey by POF. They have stamped POF logo on it. It was perceived that production would start soon but later it was cancelled because Sarsilmaz asked POF to place a minimum order of 20,000 plus handguns. So the deal broke down. At least this is the story I know. Nevertheless a good handgun at a very good price.


    1. Both are good handguns. ST9 is striker fired, B6 is hammer fired. People have their preferences. I personally like hammer fired pistols. B6 is based on CZ platform which is time tested. ST9 has couple of extra grips to suit different hand size. I found the B6 trigger more smooth. Anyways both are good pistols.


  4. Very good write up, nicely put together. I have original CZs & bought this for y elder brother who is not a gun nut. Lovely handgun & very accurate. Found it totally reliable in 200 rounds of mixed origins comprising both FMJ & HP.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Depends on which city you’re buying it from. POF is selling for Rs 55000. Karachi market is always on the higher side. Because of weapon import ban there’s a hike in price of weapons and ammo.


  5. Dear nmafzal,
    After reading your couple of posts about guns (our common interest).. I don’t know why, but now going to read your other posts on a daily basis. You have great writing skills. God bless you.


  6. i am going to buy a pistol… i m so much confused between B-6 and ST-9… After reading all of ur comments i got a feeling that B-6 is a bit better than ST-9, but shape of ST-9 is preffered than b-6…. (As i dont know much about guns..) So please help me out in choosing one from these two…
    Are features almost same in both? then why is price difference… Today i heared that B-6 is 50 k and ST-9 is 60 K…..
    what would you suggest me… B-6 or ST-9. …. I am confused alot…..
    I want more reliable and more safe Hand gun….


    1. B6 is hammer fired, ST9 is striker fired. Different people have different preferences. I personally chose the B6 because it has safety and is based on CZ platform. The best thing to do is go to a shop, try it out in your hands, fell them, then make a decision. Both are good handguns. Cheers 🙂


  7. I want to buy a light weight, max. overall length 7 inches or less, 14 plus rounds and within 50K price. Which 9mm machine would you suggest?


    1. Nowadays 50k is like a dream. Due to the weapons import ban prices are skyrocketing. Look for Sarsilmaz B6 Compact. Other options are NP 34, Makarov, CF 98 mini.


  8. What is the price of PK-9 9mm pistol?
    Is this available in market?
    kindly also share your opinion on PK-9 pistol


  9. Is it still availble at POF outlet at wahh cantt?
    I called them they told me that we have no 9mm pistols at the moment..


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