When truth becomes a lie and lies becomes truth

truth lies

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Ever wonder what happens when truth becomes a lie and lies become truth? Its hard to imagine, or not? Well let me draw an analogy, to make it easy for you to understand. Ever do a head stand? That would be pretty much like it, the whole world would seem upside down to you, and you to them. That pretty much explains it. But there’s a lot more I want to say on this.


When truth becomes a lie and lies become truth……

That is when the truthful and wise are out numbered, that is when the majority prefers not to speak the truth, that is when apathy prevails, that is when the powerful become more powerful and the poor more poor and helpless, that is when people prefer to look the other way on seeing a wrong, that is when learned men become quiet, that is when politicians become more corrupt, when bureaucrats, government officials, law enforcers and all in power and big positions crave for more power and wealth, that is when the destitute take up arms to rob the haves, when anarchy rules, when might becomes the law and the lawyer mighty, when men in power flaunt and boast not caring about their countrymen, when people begin leaving their motherland to far off places in search of peace, when crooks, thugs, cheats and conmen outnumber men of principles, when sycophancy becomes a requirement, when being a conformist is a necessity and being an eccentric an absolute impossibility, when teachers become greedy, the doctors become avaricious, when the soldier becomes a broker, when the judge is the most corrupt, the lawman even more corrupt, when lawlessness become order of the day, when the few look for a Messiah, when those out of the country feel lucky and those inside feel insecure and curse their fate, when killings are common and blood cheaper, when education becomes a business, when religion becomes a source of division, when religion is restricted to a few rituals, when bribery is common, inefficiency and incompetence rife, when people become selfish and self centered, when life becomes hell and people prefer to die then to live in hell. That is how it looks like, when truth becomes a lie and lies become truth. Alas! Alas! Alas!

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8 thoughts on “When truth becomes a lie and lies becomes truth”

  1. I think that pretty much Explains the condition in Pakistan
    However the truthful, wise and the good people are cut off from the Media, so on that Flat Screen you can’t really see the truth ever because those who govern it do not want that to ever happen.

    Find Truth in the Scripture and with those who are not shy to keep it from you (scholars). Find peace with in yourself and let our own heart be in tranquility only then can we understand what needs to be done and what’s already done. First Step : Change Yourself and Inspire with Action


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