The Peshawar APS SChool massacre and its aftermath


APS School

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I am bewildered on where to begin with; should I write about the class 9 student who missed school because he couldn’t wake up as his alarm clock malfunctioned and hence lived to see they day his whole class wiped out, shot dead; or should I write about the girl who played dead amongst her classmates and ran only after the beasts had left her for dead, or maybe about the first year student who was lucky enough to escape and call his parents from a nearby house, or how about the little boy who despite being shot in the chest called his mother and told her he’s fine, what about the brave lady teacher who stood in the way of those beasts and the little angels only to be doused with petrol and set on fire, or the Principal who despite having the chance to escape preferred to stay in the school like a good Captain of a sinking ship that refuses to abandon his/her ship.

Looking at the pics of those few fallen angels piled up on one another, with one slumping forward as if shot in the back, the other lying as if deep in sleep, the third one as if in deep slumber his green jersey drenched in blood, I could not control myself and I have no shame in saying have wept ever since innumerable times. The clip showing those hundred plus bodies lying one by one is the hardest to describe. Deep in the night I wake up and shudder at the thought of it. The pain is too much to bear, it is as if I have lost my kids. Those blood soaked shoes, those blood splattered note books, books, walls, floors; those bullet ridden ceilings, those broken vases, those empty faces, those cute faces in Heavens now, those cries that must have sounded then, the gun shots, the blasts, they will haunt this stolid 44 year old man for a long long time.

That, these bastards chose to shoot helpless children in numbers showing no mercy only goes to show how contorted their minds are and of their supporters and their financers. How can a human imagine doing all this, is this deep seething hatred for humanity, religious indoctrination of the most absurd type, some preposterous belief, or some sadistic thought of deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on those little helpless angels? I think this incident has no parallels in mankind’s history. Damn you fucking Mullahs, damn you! May the wrath of the Deity be on you, may you die a thousand deaths, may you be hung in the vilest valleys of Hell, and may your children disown you, may your mothers renounce you, may your fathers (if you have any) disinherit you, may your kith repudiate you, may the mercy of God disappear from you here and in the hereafter, may you die a destitute death a hundred times, for the pain you have caused to a hundred and forty plus mothers and fathers is more than the pain anyone might have experienced, ever.

You are the worst of creatures to be born out of your mothers wombs. Had those cursed women known what they were giving birth to, they might as well have preferred no to enjoy those few moments of copulation that they did; or did not enjoy, with your fathers (if you have any). You are from a filthy seed; indeed. And I know this as does the world, you will pay for it here and in there hereafter, like it or not, believe it or not. The time is not far.

We will mourn those angles death now and later and forever. You will live in our hearts forever. You the seedling of Heavens, my heart goes out to you. You leave me misty eyed, quite often, even now. And it is good for this keeps me alive and in hope that we will avenge your death, come what may. When I wanted to delete those pics of you angels (in my cellphone) the wife forbade me, saying this will keep us reminding, because she’s after all a mother. You just awoke a deadpan from his slumber.

Peshawar Attack

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9 thoughts on “The Peshawar APS SChool massacre and its aftermath”

  1. A very sad day for not only Pakistan, but the whole world. Innocent lives taken for no reason, no reason at all. We must put a stop to this. Condolences to all the families who lost loved ones that day.

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  2. I could not control myself either, Nomi and I also admit without shame that I have wept ever since innumerable times too.
    But InsAllah from now on they (the terrorist and their sympathizers and financer) should be on the weeping side.


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