Book Review: Truth Always Prevails by Sadruddin Hashwani


The long list of books to be read by me is always growing long, not to mention the ones on my bookshelf which I haven’t read as I keep adding more to the already sizeable collection. So, when I got this email from Liberty Books promoting Sadruddin Hashwani’s book titled, “Truth Always Prevails” there was nothing else to do than order it. And that’s exactly what I did, deftly the book was shipped to me the very next day and I sat down reading it. And hence the review…


The book in written in a very informal manner and Mr. Hashwani starts the story with details about his family background and about Pakistan. He writes about his ancestors, his father, grandfather and family describing details about his family business and his school life. The early years in Karachi and how it was then compared to what it is now. Even more surprising was the fact that he happens to be a religious person; one who abstains form alcohol and is thankful to God for all that HE has blessed him with.

Mr. Hashwani writes how he failed the Inter exam and could not get admission in Medical college as his parents wanted him to be a doctor. Fate had better things in store for him. He started doing business with his brother in law and worked really hard at it, making it grow in size and capital. He talks of his fortnightly trips to Balochistan for supplying food items and then going there to receive payments for the goods delivered by him. Sleeping in the back of a truck in cold nights, travelling in buses over dilapidated roads and living in  tough environments. Just when things start looking better, he is accused by his brother in law of fraud and ends up losing everything, thus starting anew with no money or sources.

That’s when the real Hashwani is revealed as he writes about his life as a commission salesman. Reading the book one realizes he has a knack for business. He is tactful, hardworking, inventive dead honest. These qualities one can read through the pages, a man who does not compromise on his principles, is true to his words, has an understanding of human nature, is very persuasive and above all very honest and true to his word. He quotes of a number of instances where he lost money just to keep his word and thus earned a good reputation in the market.

The later part deals with his foray in to import export business and how he got in to it finally making it big. He talk about the cartels that were against him and those who conspired against him, and his legal battles. And then the hotel business. In between, he tells some details about his family life, the politics in Pakistan and how it is intertwined with business.

The last few chapters are his story as a successful hotelier describing the PC Hotels, from Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Bhurban, Gawadar and Muazaffarabad. Now there are new hotels coming up in Peshawar and Multan. The book also tells the political story of Pakistan, the successive governments , the military rulers and their attitude towards the business community.

Mr. Hashwani has written this book for the people of Pakistan, specially the youth. I am sure it will help them form their own ideas and see things in a different perspective. If it can inspire a 44 year old man, it can inspire younger minds much better. Mr. Hashwani can be dubbed as our own version of Richard Branson the famous UK businessman and billionaire of the Virgin group. I think it s a good book which presents things about Pakistan as they way they are or in some cases, the way they were. And I have never previously read a book by a Pakistani businessman before. A darn good read.

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