The inexplicable “Cellpissloo” effect


Before reading this post please Google the word, “Cellpissloo”. I can assure you it will come empty, save for one odd link pointing to my Blog (that is if I am lucky enough). That’s because the term has been coined by me! And I am seriously considering sending it to the guys at Oxford Dictionary or even Merriam Webster to officially add it to their gargantuan repository of words.


So what exactly is the “Cellpissloo” effect? Well frankly I have been experiencing it for a longer time than I can remember. And I have finally decided it to share it with you all. I swear I am not making it up. You see, every time I go to the loo, my phone starts ringing!!! And this has been happening and I am sure it will keep on happening, and worst of all there’s nothing I can do about it. You see, just last night I was watching TV, with the mobile phone lying on the side table, not a ring or bell, no messages, no reminders nothing. Not even the usual promo message from Ufone. Two hours I spent reading a book and some glances on the TV in between and this thing didn’t make a sound, not even the hundredth of a decibel. And then nature calls, the bladder swells, I decide to go. Just as I close the door and start the not so dirty business, I hear the familiar music, heck its my cellphone ringing. Damn! I say. And the funny thing is, as soon as I finish and rush to it, its silent. Just the blue light blinking at me, telling me I have been a bum and have missed a call.

How do you explain this? How do you? You can’t, and neither can I. It has happened with me more number of times than I can remember. Just this morning I told this to a friend and he joked about it in the most absurd way. He told me since I normally keep my cellphone in my pants front pocket (right front to be exact) so the phone has developed intimacy with the organ nearby. And hence it rings when its separated from it! Damn! What a pitiful response. And he has even quoted some Reiki thing to support his theory, according to which living things can interact with non-living things. This IMHO needs further investigation since in both these things that he has talked about one is living and the other non (or dead) at one time or another. You do know what I am saying? Don’t you?

But then, there’s another point in this story. This has never happened to me on a landline phone. I wonder why? I mean I have been using landline phones since the time when one had to call his GF (as there were no mobiles) on a landline phone. And back then one was not always sure who would pick up the phone. There used to be codes for doing that sort of stuff. One ring, then no ring at all. The GF would come to know something was calling her and then after a few minutes the actual call would come. But then that’s a different matter altogether. So I was saying it never happened with a landline , this cellpissloo effect. And so I am forced to say there’s something fishy going on. But until the investigation in to the living and non-living thing matter gets through, I am going to be very confused. Smile

If you have ever encountered the Cellpissloo effect please share your experience. Thanks.

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