To “Dharna” or not to “Dharna”, That is the Question

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Disclaimer: I am not a politico at all. When I started this Blog I made a resolution of not writing on two issues, religion and politics. The reasons are simple and understandable. Both religion and politics are issues that result in controversies of the most despicable type and form. And I am not a person who loves controversies in any form. And so I focused on the things that make me happy, or are apart of my life, like books, guns, food etc. But at the same time I am a patriot. And so I supported PTI and voted for it. That, it did not win a big majority does not bother me, for I played my part, and I am happy about it. I sternly believe Imran Khan is a very honest and respectable man. His intentions are clear, he is a patriot and he is a very upright man.

These are my random thoughts, you have the right to agree or disagree!


I am pained by the condition in my country Pakistan, as is wont to be for any patriot. I feel bad about the brain drain, about the law and order, about Talibanisation, about sectarianism, about nepotism, lawlessness, corruption, dishonesty and all the social ills present in my country. And so I vie for change. And for a change to come, it has to influence one’s mind and heart. In a big and compelling manner.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has a big following in Pakistan. And followers are mostly educated, middle class citizens, with a progressive thinking, a positive approach to life, a people with can do attitude, those who are tired of the age old system. Those who want to see Pakistan progressing, those who feel for Pakistan, unlike the Maja-Gama parties with inexplicable ethos. These men and women are tired of corruption and the related ills that plague our society and so they want change. And for a change to happen in a society that has been plagued with ills since its inception, it will take a very long time.

The reason why I am writing my heart out is that, the recent PTI’s stance of holding an Azadi March that has now turned in to a long Dharna is not the way to go. Why I say so is because of a number of reasons. Some of which are:

  • Nawaz Sharif will not quit. It would be naïve to think, that Nawaz Sharif will quit.
  • I believe, this is not the way to bring a change. Instead, PTI should focus on delivering in KP. What about the 350 plus dams? The educational reforms? The health reforms? The land reforms? Why not complete your turn of five years and deliver the goods in a way that others will be forced to follow you?
  • The rest of political parties have ganged up against PTI and Imran Khan. I am not being pessimistic but change doesn’t come this way. Specially when the other side is full of thugs, con men and dollar loving politicians with no morals and scruples.
  • Imran Khan is too rigid in his approach. He should show flexibility in holding discussions.
  • Does it make sense to take such a large number of people to the capital, disrupt life over there, put in danger and risk the lives of so many, paralyze the city and ask for Nawaz Sharif’s resignation? I believe not. It would be prudent to work rather than put in to peril the lives of so many. I know we are all tired of the system.
  • I think the more time it it is taking, the more, time is turning against Imran Khan.
  • Both Imran and Tahir ul Qadri have placed demands which are preceded by Nawaz Sharif’s resignation. Will his resignation, serve the purpose? Will it rid the system of all corruption and ills? Although, Qadri is right since he has lost men in the Model Town incident.
  • I don’t believe in the idea of launching a civil disobedience movement, of not paying taxes, of telling expats to remit money through Hundi. What’s next? mugging people?

I think its apolitical gamble and this putsch is not destined to win.

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8 thoughts on “To “Dharna” or not to “Dharna”, That is the Question”

  1. This is an interesting perspective. But I must ask you, if a revolution is not the way to go, how can political organization place demands of transparency within the government if the government refuses to listen to them in the first place?


    1. Thanks. Like I like I am not a politico. But let me say a few things;
      It has been just six years that Army hasn’t interfered in politics. If they still don’t the system will mature itself. I say give it 15 years, that is one generation (6 plus 15), and things will change. Like they have in the last five years. There’s more awareness in the masses now. Also measure like Electronic voting will put and end to this rigging thing forever. If IK and his party focus on issues like health, land, educational and energy reforms they will succeed unlike the others who only know how to get aid, build roads or go for Metro projects. IK’s vision is better but I dunno why he strayed. Just my two cents 🙂


  2. I agree here. Imran should first make a difference in the NWFP where he has a government rather than try to subvert democracy using mobo-ocracy. I am sure that when the rest of Pakistan sees a better NWFP emerging, they will have confidence in IK as a man who knows to convert words into action.

    Arvind Kejriwal’s refusing to govern Delhi state proved costly to him at the hustings in the rest of India. I am seeing the same story repeat there. Hope the end turns out different.


  3. Being honest here, I feel pity for Imran Khan. Though he is not a typical political person but heck he has characteristics of a Leader. I think he acts over confident and deeply emotional sometimes. But I do not disagree with his agenda. Yes system is corrupted down to its roots and it will only get worse.

    Decision of long march was a game changer one way or another. But I think even if he fails making PM resign, still his face will be saved. A majority likes/follows him anyway. Indeed he tried his very best. It is up to the nation whether to follow him or not. Well I think dharna is failing now and it makes me sad. I wished to see PM resign.

    Yes there was option to wait 5 years and deliver in KPK but I don’t think Imran Khan is a man who compromises. Nawaz Sharif definitely deserves such tension and torture from Imran Khan and TUQ. Couldn’t agree more. They still made him agree on reforms, inquiries, not to mention they successfully nominated PM in a criminal case. That’s rare.


    1. I believe the educated, progressive, honest and those with the can-do attitude Pakistanis are with him. But off course they are too less when compared to the majas, sheedas and gamas aka the uneducated class comprising of biradri system.
      But even though the Dharna is petering out, he has laid the foundation and shown us the way. This is a long struggle which will take a long time, but Insha Allah it will change. I am hopeful. You are so right, he has fixed a big Gulla up theirs. And hats off to him. I have similar feelings about him.
      Thanks for the nice comments.
      P.S. Was the Police really forced to do all this? What about Model Town incident. Write something man!


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