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I am a self professed gun freak, but not the bad one, I am from the category who believe in keeping guns for self defense only. There are gun aficionados who know nothing about guns, gun safety or their operation except that a gun can shoot or even kill. They have oodles of money which they blow away buying new guns and rifles every now and then, but that does not make them very informed about guns except about the price factor and the market situation. I have been a member of The Gun Forum for the last three years and I can say with absolute confidence that it is one of the best forums out there, if you want to learn a thing or two about guns. So I decided to review it, albeit, briefly.



The Gun Forum was created about four years back by a group of gun enthusiasts from Karachi, Pakistan. The forum is neatly divided in to following sections:

  • Reviews and Range Reports: This sections has sub-sections which show unbiased reviews along with discussions on Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Airguns and Ammo. In my opinion this section is the highlight of the forum as it presents hundreds of reviews on various weapons. A huge effort has gone in to writing, discussing and presenting these reviews by the members which are totally unbiased.
  • Guns and Ammo: This section is for discussing Handguns, shotguns, Rifles, Ammo, Gear, License, safety, cleaning and maintenance. All discussions are restricted to Non prohibited bore and non-military weapons strictly. Also discussion on automatics is strictly not allowed.
  • Shooting: This is an interesting section which aims at improving the shooting skills of members. Members are free to open a new thread and post their shooting results. I have personally gained a lot from this section and have seen a huge improvement in my shooting skills. The senior members are really supportive and very outright in giving advice and opinions. This is one place a new member should look forward to.
  • The Great Outdoors: This section is dedicated to outdoor activities like fishing, camping, snorkeling, recipes, cooking, outdoor photography etc. Some of the travelogues are a treat to read.
  • Special Interests and Hobbies: This section deals with gunsmithing, reloading, Airgunners, Self Defnse and Home Defnse. I really like the gunsmithing section because I have been able to restore quite a few of my guns after getting invaluable help form this section. This section is for the real gunners, I must say.
  • TGF Clubhouse: This section is for normal chit-chat and for placing ads in case one wants to buy or sell a gun. But you must have at least 50 posts to place an ad. The section also has a dealer’s showcase where dealers can show their products for selling and also the members can share deal alerts, market intel and other feedback about gun related stuff.

The Gun Forum has a loyal following of gun enthusiasts from around the world. Their membership is open to all without bias and the members I have found to be really helpful. It is very mature forum with experienced members who believe in helping others and really strive to promote the sport. It doesn’t have a huge number of members, that is because of the Forum’s policy which focuses more on quality as compared to quantity. If you want to buy a weapon, learn to shoot, do some gunsmithing, learn reloading, get market intel about weapons or just share anything about guns, simply head on to The Gun Forum and make a post. I can assure you there will be someone to help you in making the right decision.

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