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Every year for the past three years Oxford University Press, Pakistan has been holding a competition for fresh budding writers. The event is publicized in papers and their website inviting young aspiring writers to submit their stories on a various topics. Last year it was about the city of Karachi. This year they invited stories from all over Pakistan on four themes, “The bravest place on Earth”, “Paved and unpaved ways”, “The meaning of me” and “Because this is what matters”. All the selected stories have been published in a book titled, “I’ll find my way”, edited by Maniza Naqvi, who happens to be an established writer. The book was launched during the 5th Karachi Literature Festival.

“I’ll find my Way” is a collection of short stories written by aspiring writers from all over Pakistan on the topics described above. There are short stories and long ones, there are amusing, touching and nostalgic ones. It is a beautiful collection some fiction, some true others based on true events and fictionalized stories. I found the book very interesting and enjoyable. The idea behind this book is that everyone has  a story to tell and so the larger populace of Pakistan has been invited to be bold and pen down their thoughts.

It has been suggested to be included in school libraries and I fully agree to the idea. Oh and by the way I read a very critical review of the book by someone named Farhad Mirza, who has criticized the book and the editor to its entirety. Well I guess this bloke has missed the plot. In my reckoning if a book makes you feel good then its worth reading, no matter what subject it is written on. But off course everyone has a point of view and this guy has a rather weird one.

Anyways, I will recommend it to anyone who loves short stories (fiction). In fact it also contains one of my stories titled, “Running Water”. And I am not promoting it, just telling you. Smile

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  1. Excellent idea! Encouraging people to write. Lot of talent out there, I am sure.

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