Tiny, nifty gifts for book lovers


I must confess these have to be the cutest and most useful accessories for book lovers, that I have ever come across. Small, crafty and practicable, one doubles up as a bookmark and a book holder and the other an uber-small light for night time book reading. I came across these at a local store and making a decision whether to buy them or not was not at all difficult. They were bought instantly, just about the time it takes to swipe a Credit card and pack them.



“Well Thumbed” as it is called makes it really convenient to hold a book in one hand, split wide open without much fuss. You just need to place it in the spine of your book, and it will open it up wide enough without harming the book itself. The little thing has a small ring attached to it, which has an extendable cord, for wrapping around a book to act as a bookmark. But please do it on your thumb before purchasing one. It comes in small, medium and large sizes. Cost me just Rs. 400 but will give me hours of pleasure-ful reading.


This toothbrush shaped thingy is in fact a small torch or night light with a small hook to attach to a book for night time reading. I was on the lookout for just the kind of contraption, because a table lamp really bothered “the snuggler” at night, while I lay engrossed in some book. This thing is powered by three small cells, has one LED lamp for giving enough light to cover a book and has a tilt that can be adjusted to three different levels. Awesome, simply awesome. Cost me Rs. 800.


The two gadgets when used in unison look like this.

These things, I am convinced have been designed by no less than a genius. On my recommendation, please try them out. You will love them, trust me. Next, I intend trying the tiny lamp on my Kindle, if its hook can (in anyway) be adjusted wide enough.

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