DHA Karachi Sunday Bazaar

Sunday Bazaar


Spread on acres of area, nicely laid out, clean and airy, full of interesting stuff; you can find shoes (both old and new), clothes (old and new), socks, caps, hats, veggies, fruits, meat, second hand stuff, tactical gear, holsters, branded bags, books (books and more books), eatables, used toys, dry fruits and almost everything at DHA Sunday Bazar. The show starts every Sunday at around 9 am and goes on till sundown. Early birds get to pick the best stuff, specially imported bags, rucksacks and tactical gear. One is likely to find very good stuff to his/her liking provided he/she has the patience to sift through it. You are sure to find desis as well as a few foreigners trying on stuff or checking out the decoration pieces. The prices are on the low side and one has to master the art of haggling. The sellers come to sell and the buyers to buy, if a price that that suits both is agreed, a quick sale usually follows. The entry/exit and parking system is regulated and the place is lined with cars, motorbikes and bicycles. No need to carry your shopping for you will surely find umpteen porters who will willingly carry your stuff while you shop for a paltry sum of money. The porters do in fact act as guides also. If you get tired or are late and need a cup of tea or even food, head over to the food court which serves everything from Shawarma, to tea, cold drinks, Biryani, BBQ and even Lassi. Do remember to wear comfy shoes so that you can walk the walk, carry your shades, a hat and a water bottle. They do have toilets for men and women both but I would rather hold my bladder then use their services which are abysmal. It is the place to get all your stuff under one roof. Useful Tip: If you find something and like it, buy it. Chances are, you may not find it on your next trip.

Try it out, you will love it. Smile




Handbags, school bags, rucksacks and all.


Got myself a Chicago Bulls hat in pristine condition for Rs 200 from this place.


The hats come in shapes, size and colors.

clothes 2

Fancy a shorts or three quarters?



Pants and all.

Dry fruits

The dry fruit shop.

food 2

This serves as the food court.




The fruit stalls sell fresh fruit at competitive rates.

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4 thoughts on “DHA Karachi Sunday Bazaar”

  1. I found me a paddle holestor for a 1911 with Two (two) mag pouches for a 1000 bucks, an original JEEP axe for 1400, a pair of original but slightly used pair of cat steel toe boots for 1100. This place is heaven.


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