Karachi Bike Show 2014



Last Sunday, amidst the loud music, stiletto heels, tight fitting pants, some auburn hair, lots of hoopla, tight spaces, festive mood, the ever present Press, some crazy teenagers dressed to kill, old moms and young dads, foodies, BBQ wallahs, bike enthusiasts and all converged on The Forum for the Karachi Bike Festival 2014. The same place that hosted Vintage Cars Show, few weeks back. Anybody and everybody looking for some good time was there. The Bikes? well there were more than one could count, more variety, color and designs. Some bought they way they were made others customized to match the required Torque and power. A clear windy day made it an even more joyous place to be. The Hondas, Suzukis, Yamahas, Triumphs, Harley Davidsons and even a lonely BMW were all there in more forms then one can imagine. It was the place to be for Motorbike aficionados. To make it even more pompous some of the bravados put up a spectacular show of bike drifting, one which resulted in much furor, sound pollution and enough smell of burning rubber to stone a lazy haggard like me. Kudos to the management for organizing such a nice show for the motorbike-less likes of me. Enjoy the pics!


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