The Internet, that just won’t work


So we were left stranded at the Jinnah International Airport with nothing to do but kill time. Having had two cups of tea in an hour the next best place to visit was the loo, which I did. The shops laid out in the circular way had me circling them for sometime, looking for something I never needed to buy. And that’s when my eye caught the Free Internet Kiosks!

What better way to kill time I thought. So pulled my sleeves up a little and sat on the stool of the first vacant PC. Damn, the mouse didn’t work! I tried again no, rodent just won’t budge. I tried restarting the Windows thing using the keyboard, shoot it still won’t work.  Sitting next to me was a man doing some “time killing”. He looked at me and said, “try the next one”. So I hopped on the seat next to him, and opened up as CZ 75 pistols website. Damn, that’s when it gave me an “expired certificate warning”, then another one, then another one, until I got flustered and decided to give it up. Of the three “Free Internet Kiosks” only one was working Sad smile . I say guys what’s the point in setting up these things if you can’t make them work? I guess there’s no such thing as a “Free Internet”.


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