Turn your car in to a mobile hot spot using PTCL Wingle


I wrote about the Wingle couple of days back. It is a small little thingy that can be used to convert any place in to a Hot Spot. So I decided to try it in my car. Here’s what you need to do to convert your car in to a mobile hot spot.

  • Buy a PTCL Wingle.
  • Get a car USB adapter. It will fit in to your cigaretter lighter the other end will have a USB port.
  • Plug the USB Wingle in to the adapter and that’s it. Wait for a few seconds and let the magic begin.

The Wingle has downloads speeds that are at times better than a landline connection. Depending on signal quality and its strength one can make Viber calls, use Whattsapp, Skype, browse the web, chat or even consult online maps for navigation. This is a much better solution than using the dreaded EDGE or GPRS connection which has limited speed.


See the magic thingy in work!

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