A short trip the the PAF Museum Karachi


Few places have impressed me more than the PAF Museum, Karachi. With or without family it is the place to and spend a day looking at the plethora of aircrafts from the jets, to helicopters and transporters that have at one time been in service with the Pakistan Air Force. The place is located on Main Sharah e Faisal (right side) while going towards the Jinnah International Airport. Sprawled over acres of land the museum is mostly outdoor, with a hangar that houses some war memorabilia, the Quaid’s aircraft, a scaled down model of the JF-17 thunder, the history of Aviation depicted by small models of aircrafts and a heroes section.

Entry is open to all, however, Sundays are only for families so if you are planning a Sunday with family it is place not to miss. The entry ticket is a mere Rs. 30, security is tight and there’s enough parking space for vehicles. The museum has on display aircrafts, radars, missiles, there are swings and entertainment areas for children, some eating places offering tidbits like chat, soft drinks, tea and ice cream. There’s a praying place for men and women, a PAFWA shop displaying various items for sale (though it was closed on the day we went much to the chagrin of my spouse Smile), washrooms and to top it all a very impressive souvenir shop that sells wrist watches, wall clocks, key chains, aircraft models, decoration pieces and also original Aviator Flying glasses.

Well I won’t bore you more write up, enjoy the pictorial!


There’s enough parking space for a thousand cars at least!


A view of the main gate.



A small bazar of sorts in the middle of it. They sell small items like toys for children and things women love to throw there money on Winking smile


Reminds me of pics from colonial era!



A nice clean place to spend your day.


Here come the Heroes. An F-86 Sabre.


A retired F-6


A PAF Mirage.


PAF, A5 aircraft.


A Russian Mig 21 that defected and landed at Peshawar during the Afghan war.



Mashak trainer aircraft.


A Harvard T-6 G.


A T37 trainer aircraft.


A retired PAF Y12 aircraft.


F7, a symbol of Pak-China friendship.


F-104 Star Fighter.


An Indian Gnat that was force landed in Pasrur in 1971.


A scaled down model of the Wright Brothers plane.


F-86 Sabre. Rightly called as the Sabres of Paradise.


A 2D joyride. Good experience for kids.


A view of the entertainment area.

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3 thoughts on “A short trip the the PAF Museum Karachi”

  1. The photos are just so amazing. I have never been to Karachi and I ever get a chance I ll sure visit it ! We have a Rafiqui Air base here where I live but there is no museuum 😦 Loved reading this post 🙂


    1. Many thanks for liking the post. I snapped these using my cellphone camera. Somehow lost my camera’s data cable 😦
      Please do visit whenever you can. It is simply beautiful 🙂


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