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Smile! Smile at the wayfarer whom you know not, smile at thy neighbor whom you ignore so much, smile at you mom who loves you more than anything, smile at your sister who respects you, smile at your brother whom you love, smile at your children, smile at the lowly worker and brighten his day, smile at your boss (which you will anyway), smile at the landlady, but don’t forget to smile at the tenant if you have one, smile at the milkman but don’t forget the mailman, smile at the window cleaner who knows you not, smile at the pizza delivery man who works hard, smile at the mason who’s building a wall not for you, smile at the relative you prefer to ignore, smile at the shopkeeper and make him happy, smile at your dad and make him feel good, smile at the bellhop who carries your bags, smile at your teacher and make him feel glad, smile at the animals for they are good at making out between smiles and frowns, smile at birds, smile at trees and plants for they breathe the same air, smile at the one who doesn’t smile often, smile at the one who doesn’t smile back for he will one day, smile at the lady but don’t ignore the man, smile at the kids and they will smile back, smile at your peers, smile at your friends, and at their friends, and at their friend’s friends, smile when you are sad, smile when you are happy, smile while you are smiling, smile during day, smile at noon time, smile at night, smile at breakfast, lunch and dinner, smile at all times, smile at everyone, smile regardless of anything because if you smile the world smiles at you.

I met this guy while jogging and smiled at him, he gave me a blank look which confused me. More than that I felt very embarrassed. I forgot it thinking perhaps he was having a bad day. I met the same guy couple of days later, he looked at me, I smiled, and he looked away. Sad smile That’s when I decided to write this piece. I hope he gets to read this.

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50 plus….loner……foodie….day dreamer….bibliophile…..gun freak….peace loving….smitten by wanderlust….happy go lucky….tea junkie….coffee lover….once in a while movie goer….laid-back blogger with no interest in politics….Happy reading! :-)

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