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I wanted to buy a cellphone and just did not have the time to visit market for the purpose. Online shopping was the best option, but where to buy it from, was the biggest question. After shortlisting the Huawei Ascend G510 I searched online for websites that offer home delivery. This brought me to TCSConnect . Not knowing much about the website I explored it a little and found the phone listed there.

The TCSconnect website offers Live Chat support. A very helpful agent got on chat with me and explained to me the whole procedure. For items costing Rs. 5000 or less, they offer home delivery after getting your name, address, email and cell phone number. For items exceeding Rs. 5000 tag a courier comes to your place and takes the required sum of money from you, and also gives a receipt. After this, they make delivery within 24 ~ 48 hours.

Since my cellphone price was more than Rs. 5000 so an agent showed up at my place the same day. Later, he even called me to ask for the color of device I was interested in. He also gave me a Rs. 500 discount. The next day, I was delivered a brand new box packed cellphone. That makes it 24 hours from the time of placing my order.

The TCSconnect website is selling a huge variety of items ranging from cellphones, watches, perfumes, sports and toys to movies, books and stationery items. I am impressed with their quality and promptness of service. And I think one should shop from companies having good market reputation instead of buying stuff from unknown and new online businesses springing up every now and then.

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