What to do if the Micro SD card in your QMobile gets corrupted

It happened to me, just three weeks back. The micro SD card in my QMobile Noir A10 got corrupted. I tried removing and placing it again and again in its bay but it just wouldn’t budge. Although it did ask me to format it at the cost of loosing all my data which I did not. Finally, I placed it in my laptop’s memory card reader bay and tried to read it using various apps like Pandora Recovery and MiniTool Power Data Recovery, but since the computer could not recognize the card, reading it was out of question. So here’s what I did:

1. Formatted the card.

2. Placed it in my QMobile A10 and powered up the device.

3. Then again placed it in my laptop and did a surface scan of the micro Sd card.

Guess what, it recovered a few odd pics that had been deleted recently. Other than that all my data was lost. So from now on, I have decided to save all my vital data on the phone memory instead of the miscro SD card.

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2 thoughts on “What to do if the Micro SD card in your QMobile gets corrupted”

  1. Hello, I am using Q Mobile A8 and its screen is damaged. i can see the homescreen. The problem is all my contacts are saved in the phone directory and my mistake is i didnt saved it in the sim. I am in Dubai and couldnt get service here. Can you help me to get the contacts?? please mail me hanifenator@gmail.com


    1. Dear, have you synched your contacts on Google? Well then you don’t need to worry. Also get the Q Mobile software from their website, download and install it. Attach the phone to your PC and retrieve your contacts. Or worse still send the phone to Pakistan. Here’s the link to their website http://www.qmobile.com.pk/ Best wishes.


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