PTCL EVO Wingle–User Experience


Hi, just moved in to a new city, Karachi that is! I was pretty disconnected for three days at least. The whole bunch of PTCL wireless devices advertised in a local daily caught my attention. What great timing I thought. So off I went to the local PTCL office in Karachi Saddar, after talking to the helpline. The helpline guy told me EVO Wingle which promises great speed, would cost Rs. 7500, with three months of paid connectivity. But alas, the customer care guy had another story to tell, he asked for Rs. 9000 for the same contraption due to some tax thing which I found hard to understand. The next stop was a local vendor aka PTCL franchisee. These guys sell Wingle at Rs. 2200 a piece with an additional Rs. 1500 for a months service (30 GB limit). Although there’s another plan which gives 75 GB of download data limit for Rs. 2,500 per month.

The Wingle is 3G device with a USB interface and it also acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot for 5 devices. So you can use it by plugging in the USB port of your PC/Lappy or power it up by attaching tit to the mains with the supplied adapter and it turns your room in to a Wi-Fi hotspot. The device has pre-configured SSID and a password that is written on its belly. (You remove the cover to read this info). Also it can be attached to the car’s cigarette lighter (with a USB interface) and so you can use it while driving (But I still have to try this). Its easy to use and I have had no problems connecting my lappy or smartphones to it.

The download speed has been good and I can surf the web easily with out hassles. They sell it with a box which has at least four different adapters for connecting to the mains, like European, American etc etc.


The various adaptors for connecting Wingle in a mains power socket.

I did a speed test of the Wingle as the results have been pretty decent. Although in wireless devices a constant speed is never possible as it varies with the number of users connected to a certain BTS. So it’s a shared medium, but it works good enough in Karachi Saddar area.

 ViberPC 11152013 70927 PM.bmp

Here’s the PTCL page showing whole line up of their wireless Internet devices.

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  1. Which area of saddar r u using as I am trying it on raja ghazi far ali road and I am unable to get signals even though I have attached an external antenna tomit


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