I hate Good Byes, yes I do!

GBThere is a strange feeling which is difficult to describe when you are leaving a place for good. You tend to miss the house you have lived in, the office you have worked in and the people you have known for so long. Out of all these the most difficult part is saying Good Bye. So this time with a heavy heart as I was about to leave the city I had lived in for such a long time and the people I had known for such a long time I sent them a small text message saying Good Bye and thanking them for the wonderful time I had with them. The replies I received were very moving and some even brought a little mist in my eyes.

The outpouring was immense and the beyond belief. The men I had worked with expressed their feelings in the most emotional and choicest of words. It ranged everything from “we will miss you”, to “God be with you” and in one case even, “please don’t go”. WOW! I never knew I was loved so much. There is one man out of those who has called me twice since I left the place almost a week ago, just to ask my well being. I feel really lucky in a way that people love and respect me.

But now for me, saying Good Bye is very painful. I hate Good Byes, yes I do!

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