How to kill Loneliness

I am a loner by birth. I prefer to be alone, mostly. But believe me even loners get lonely. A loner is not someone anti-social, he/she is basically someone too engrossed in his/her own thoughts and actions to interact with anyone. Loners are but humans, and all humans need to socialize. That’s the number 2 need of any earthling after food, that is. But off course too much loneliness is also not good. If you are getting too lonely you need to find a cure a kill loneliness before it kills you. Here’s what you need to do to kill loneliness:

1. Analyze the cause: Are you lonely because you have lost a loved one? Have you broken out of a relationship recently? Has someone ditched or betrayed you? Do you feel neglected? Do people ignore you? Well then analyze the cause, could be that you have body odor that puts people off, or maybe you don’t fit in a certain group you are trying to mix in, or may be you are too shy. Just whatever it is try to find it out.

2. Tackle it: After you have analyzed the probable causes, draw a list of them and find ways to tackle them. Do some research on the web and look for ways to tackle those causes.

3. Take multiple approaches: Don’t just stick to a solution, instead go for multiple solutions to a problem. If you are lonely because you have moved to a new city, try to socialize with new people. Go to a park, go for a jog, take a class, call up friends, keep yourself busy. The worst thing you can do is keep sitting idle and doing nothing about it.

4. Don’t to drugs or Alcohol: Most people instinctively turn to Alcohol or in the worst case to drugs. While this may give temporary solace but it hits back even worse. Drinking socially is one thing and turning to Alcohol to kill loneliness will kill you rather than your temporary ailment.

5. Confide in friends or family: Sharing with friends or family is the best thing to do. Talk to someone who understands you or whom you trust. It will at least alleviate the pain and bring you out of suffering.

6. Keep yourself busy: Do something to keep yourself busy. Arrange your room, clean the wash room, wash clothes, buy a pet, do some shopping, get a massage or anything new that will keep you occupied and not force you to be lonely.

6. Pray to God: Never under-estimate the power of prayer. God listens to everyone, it is my faith and even if you are an Atheist just give it a try. Just do some soul searching and pray in whatever language and words you feel comfortable. But remember you are asking God, be a little polite and requesting. 🙂

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