“No Music”, says the sign!


Driving around Peshawar University campus I saw this bold sign right next to the PUTA (Peshawar University Teacher’s Association) Hall. On the top left side someone had written “That’s Good”. I am not sure why the sign has been placed here. On a number of occasions I have seen marriage receptions being arranged here, and off course music being played at full blast. On a lighter note Puta is a Spanish word, which if translated to good old English means a “slut”. This could very well be a double entendre of some sort, though inadvertent. So placing the No Music sign next to PUTA Hall is contradictory in some sense Smile I pulled up right beside this uber-bold sign and with the stereo playing ABBA’s “Super Trouper” at full blast, snapped this pic.

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2 thoughts on ““No Music”, says the sign!”

  1. A friend from Peshawar university told me that there was some teacher who used music to make students take interest in studies. He encouraged pupils to play instruments before starting his lecture.
    When conservatives came to know about these activities they persuaded the teacher to abide by “Shariah” and stop inculcating music in the students, which he refused. A certain lobby became active against him and eventually that teacher had to leave the University.
    Probably that’s the reason behind these funny boards around the campus.

    Thumbs up on the lighter note 🙂


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