Why I like the US.

I have been to a number of countries like Turkey, China, Saudia, UAE, UK and the US. In all these countries the US stands out, but for a number of reasons. Instead of writing a log paragraph I will number them down.

  • There is supremacy of law everywhere in the US. Everything is backed by laws.
  • Generally the US citizens are law abiding citizens who have great respect for the laws.
  • It is a very clean country.
  • People make queues for everything from buying ice cream to tickets, checking in to a hotel, the doctor’s clinic, at the pay counter at the grocery store or even the gas station.
  • Everybody is very friendly. It is rare to find a person who will not wish you Good Morning or give you a smile, at least.
  • People are very helpful.
  • They speak truth.
  • People don’t mind what you wear. In fact everybody minds his/her own business.
  • They are very polite and it is common to hear words like “please”, “thank you” and “have a great day” very frequently.
  • There is a lot of consumerism.
  • Americans are very innovative people. If a person finds something wrong he/she will work on the problem, come up with a solution, patent it and finally market it.
  • Road travel is very easy. Just punch in the address you want to go on the GPS and it will take you to the exact location.
  • People are very conscious of others and their own privacy.
  • The rest rooms and bathrooms are very clean.
  • They respect other religions.
  • You can rent any car and everything is very simple and easy.
  • The gun stores are simply awesome. Smile
  • The US is a shoppers paradise.
  • Americans are amazing people.

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