More reasons to carry a handgun


Some of my friends may not agree with this but I have strong reasons to say this, one must carry a handgun with him/her, at least in Pakistan. The ever deteriorating law and order situation, the inability of the LEAs to control incidents from terrorism to bank robberies to muggings, and apathy of public and a general sense of lawlessness forces me to say this.

Pick up any newspaper, read any news item, switch on any news channel and you are sure to find some “Breaking News” about a killing, mugging, kidnapping, murder or in the worst case a bomb blast. Picture this, you are held hostage along with your colleagues at an office, or at a mall with no weapon to defend yourself, what do you do? Give yourself up? Or get killed? To react or not is a separate discussion altogether. But at least one should have the means to defend him/herself in a situation like this. One should be ready to fight back in any situation that he/she may come across.

And this is not for men only, it applies to women as well. An armed woman can very well defend her honor as compared to an unarmed one. Survival in a male dominated society is not easy, or is it? And it doesn’t take make to acquire and use a handgun. Get a license/permit, get a good handgun and practice. I have been carrying a handgun with me whenever I go out of my house for the last four years. Thankfully, I have never encountered a situation but that one has to be prepared for it. A few thousand rupees spent might very well save your as well as the lives of your loved ones. Contemplate!

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