Habibi Restaurant (Ring Road) – A fishy experience


I did a post on Habibi Restaurant sometime back, but that was about their outlet on University Road and its take home service. They do have a Habibi Village on Ring Road as well. I decided to try it out just yesterday as I heard from a cousin their Bar BQ fish is superb. And superb it was indeed. The outlet is located about 3 kms from the Hayatabad-Ring Road entrance. There is a separate hall for gents and families, but we preferred to sit in the family lawns as the weather was really good.

The family hall was not very clean and the smell was somewhat nauseating. Man, why can’t they keep it clean? The washrooms were just ok, thank God they didn’t stink. We placed order for 2 Kgs of BBQ fish and Chicken Malai Boti, with Nans, salad, dahi raita and soft drinks. Although they do have a lot of stuff on the menu, like soups, mutton karahi, Bar BQ, kebabs etc. The order was served in 45 minutes, the corckery and cutlery was clean and Nans were piping hot. Somehow the Chicken Malai Boti seemed to have been deep fried!!! The waiter was called and he deftly brought another serving for us, to make up for the misdoing.


I must confess the Fish BBQ was awesome. A 2 kilo serving is good for 4 persons and we had our fill. The price is good and ambience just all right. I am impressed with the quality of fish! Hope to visit soon again but the management is requested to please keep the place clean and do something about the stinking family hall. One can have very good fish at a Dhaba on Sardariab road but then what’s the point in visiting a fancy restaurant like Habibi if both have the same standards of cleanliness?

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4 thoughts on “Habibi Restaurant (Ring Road) – A fishy experience”

  1. Do you live in Peshawar ? Cuz im coming to Peshawar on 20th that would be my starting point of Pak tour , Im even planning to buy a weapon on my way


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